Scentsy Scented Candles Product Review – Scentsy Leopard Warmer

Scentsy Scented Candles Product Review – Scentsy Leopard Warmer

Hi everybody welcome back to the
channel. Its time for another product review, now this is from our new autumn/winter catalogue,
if you want to have a look at the catalogue take a look below and the details of our website
are on there. You can go on there and see the catalogue or send me a email and i can
email our e catalogue over to you aswell, so today im going to take a look at one of
our delux warmers, now delux is what we use to call a mid size warmer, so these are thirty
six euro or thrity pound. Do you remember we had the zebra warmer and we still have
it and it proved hugely popular so we got nagged like crazy to produce more animal print
warmers, scentsy always do what we want, and scentsy has released two more animal print
warmers, best thing is they are cheaper than they were before, by a whole five euros, because
they are in the delux section. So this is our very sexy cheetah print warmer, you can
see the size its not changed in size, its just changed in price. Its has this lovely
hand done glaze, which i think would fit in nicely with any home. We also have it in a
giraffe print, which has proven very very popular and we also have our original zebra
aswell. If you are into animal print and you want to get, yor bet lynch on thats for all
you coronation street fans, i would suggest buying a leopard. If you want more details
please give us a shout, and like the video and subscribe to the channel because im going
to be revealing my favorite Autumn/Winter warmer for our new collection in our next
product review. Bye for now

4 Comments on “Scentsy Scented Candles Product Review – Scentsy Leopard Warmer”

  1. I just ordered the Zebra warmer for myself, however it was so hard to choose from that one and this one. The Leopard warmer is sooo cute!!!

  2. I love the zebra warmer too Christina, the Leopard warmers is cute too 🙂 Enjoy your zebra

  3. How many warmers do you have in your house?
    Also, I am LOVING mine 🙂 🙂
    Also… when I made my order it said something about the order resending in 3 months, how do I stop that, as I only want to order when I actually want something new

  4. Hiya Louise – think we have 8 warmers in the house and our limited edition ones for xmas and halloween etc. I sent you an email to stop the three month order xx

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