Self Quarantine With Me and My Cats! #Coronacation | Life in Korea Vlog

Self Quarantine With Me and My Cats! #Coronacation | Life in Korea Vlog

Hey it’s me, Abby P! What up, my P-PLE! So besides washing your hands and practicing good etiquette and hygiene Self isolation at home is another very effective way of fighting the coronavirus, right? When people aren’t out and about interacting with other people, then the virus is less likely to spread Hoon, my boyfriend, is staying in Seoul right now So I’ve got the whole place to myself and the cats There’s Luna Artemis is sleeping right here, right behind me If there’s one thing that I’m really bummed about it’s actually not being able to play volleyball I was so excited to play again this year and do more competitions now that my injuries are gone Or they seem like they’re a lot better But besides that, everything that I do can pretty much be done at home So I wanted to show you what I’ve been doing this week at home in self-isolation And before I show you, please note that I wanted to make this week a more productive one So that it doesn’t look like this every day Oh, blocked (watching volleyball) Oh damn, their blocks are good Hi! Luna, come here Come here Sit Luna Yoshi! Arty! No poops? You guys didn’t poop last night? (singing) (meowing) There’s water in there You want me to change it? Watch out Okay, there you go No, your claws Arty! (meow) Ahhh! (listening to music) What a pretty Luna Oh my god, the cats are so cute right now!! Oh my god he’s twitching Arty’s twitching You’re the silliest boy Luna (Luna speaking) Are you in a box? You’re in a box There, you can hide Is this good enough? You’re doing good You’re doing good Don’t worry, you’re doing good Okay, looks good / (meow) Last foot You’re almost done, look! You’re almost done! You’re done! You’re finished! Arty, come here Your turn, come on Come here Tricked ya! Sorry, I’ll give you a real treat after You’re my good boy, huh? You’re a really good boy You’re better than Luna at this You’re so good Nice You’re almost finished (singing for Artemis) Ready, go! Good boy! You’re being a good boy And… done! You’re finished You guys did such a good job You did such a good job Here Luna, here (singing) I’m back, had a great pee, got some water (reading chat messages) I need to stop My neighbors probably are so mad right now It’s so quiet… and I’m so freaking loud Okay I need to stop So what have you been up to during this coronavirus self isolation period? Or what are some things that you are planning on doing? Use this time to get things done on your to-do lists Start a project you’ve always been wanting to do but haven’t yet Play music Learn how to play an instrument Learn how to play that guitar, that keyboard, or whatever that’s been sitting around your house That you haven’t even touched Do you know your MBTI personality type? Because if you don’t, that’s another thing you can do (link in description) There’s also the ‘Love Languages’ test you can take Read up about your astrological sign or your Chinese zodiac sign It’s a really great time to just reflect Take time with yourself Figure out what you wanna do with your life going forward And reassess your goals and what you wanna do Or just chill, just relax Use this time, it’s like a free vacation, right? Get some exercise Cook and eat healthy The most important thing is to take care of your health and each other And let’s all work together It’ll take time but we’ll get there So hang in there, guys! And take care Sending you all of my love and support and good vibes Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE And see you in the next one, everyone Thank you!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed a week with #turniphair #unshavedarmpits #nomakeup me and the cats! 😀
    Here are the songs that I sang during "youtube karaoke" in case anyone's interested:

    1. Billie Eilish – "bad guy":
    2. Billie Eilish – "bury a friend":
    3. Billie Eilish – "Ocean Eyes":
    4. This Band – "Kahit Ayaw Mo Na":

    If you are curious about any other songs you heard in the video, just comment the time stamp. 🙂

  2. Abby is experiencing the life of a hikikomori eating watching anime playing takes time to spend with the cats and sleep

  3. I found your channel recently and want to introduce you to my students who want to work or live in Korea. 😊 Trying to get the blood moving at home seems universal these days! 😢😅

  4. Golfing in the hallway…..thought about shaving my head…lol I must be bored.. Vote for Pedro….inspired by u to work out some…thanks for filling 23:11 mins of excess time

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