Shania Twain Breaks Down 18 Looks From 1995 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

Shania Twain Breaks Down 18 Looks From 1995 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

hi vogue Shania Twain here and today I’m going to be looking through so many of my iconic images so Vanitas I’m expecting to be surprised because I’d probably forgotten about some of them okay wow this man and the first time I was on Jay Leno I’m a little surprised that I did wear this on national television but it was all about comfort and so these are my personal jeans and my personal vest and my personal tank top that I cropped myself with the scissors and just like tucked it under you know I had really tiny hips and big athletic legs so it was hard to fit jeans so this was one pair that fit me comfortably and it was like my go-to pair ah well a big award night I do remember the winning favorite new country artist I mean I I was surprised and pleasantly surprised and very giddy about it stretch patent leather so that’s really key I think it’s very flattering for a curvy body and in the video if you’re not in it for love I’m out of here I did backflips in these exact pants okay awesomeness awesome leopard-print I love this jacket in fact it often wear this check it is anymore I’d like to find it I was getting into the velvet fabrics and the plushies and a leopard print was just beginning for me so this is cool I love this why now I’m loving the plush rush Velvets it’s leopard print surprise and I just love the the arms the arm band thing this was my idea I look so happy in this photo – I’m a happy girl here Oh 1998 jingle ball wow that’s a big audience that’s massive I’m info stretched leather and stretch velvet leopard print I love it well for better for worse I really latched on to the leopard print and it was just a favorite so I always gravitated toward that oh okay 1998 divas live I will tell you a story about this so I’m very self-conscious at this point about my legs it was an open flip right up almost to the hip and I just couldn’t wear it like that it was too self-conscious so I tucked the slit open and I think kind of go looks deliberate I do I do tend to take things into my own hands make sure I’m comfortable so when I work with designers they have to be open to what fantastic memories I’m sandwiched between Carole King and Celine Dion first of all Mariah Carey was there Gloria Estefan was there and a wreath out of course in the center of it all all all of these women my heroes I just can’t believe that I’m up here with all these women just a real honor I wish I could revisit that same night over again it didn’t last long enough oh if this does take me back 1998 I would have been really seriously overworked at this point that’s what I was probably thinking I’m thinking this is so wonderful but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stay for the after-party the sheer fail Drake at the back high neck it is just a very similar dress to the one that I’ve worn the from this moment on video I think it might be the dress and not song surprisingly became her huge wedding song it wasn’t I I didn’t know at this point that it was going to be great association by fluke great party ah yes of course we are now we’re back to leopard print stretch push this is from that don’t impress me much video and it’s the first time that I’m into the hooded thing this was mark bowers idea very glamorous I knew when I saw it I’m like I find you’re kidding this is gorgeous it’s just a very iconic book oh and I can’t out the night before in the desert on the location because the drive is so long the next morning I just thought I’m gonna get your time I’m just gonna camp out and I want to talk about the luggage because this prop this suitcase alright so here I am I’m looking for the perfect guy and he’s just not coming along no matter how amazing and impressive he is it’s just he’s not the guy there was nothing in the luggage and it’s very ironic in fact because I think I had everything I needed right there okay oh yeah all right more Grammys that’s always a great night right that’s always a wonderful moment very much in the Audrey Hepburn theme this is where I really start getting I guess excited about being shiny and glitzy country music artists when I was a kid we’re always like really glitzy shiny and I thought well I don’t yeah I want to be more sober than that in my style but oh no once I got into sequence that was it never turned back now I’ve got an archive room that I keep posted my awards in but my son convinced me to put one up or we can all see it he’s [Music] cool all right or you want stories about man I feel like a woman outfit this is when I performed at the Grammy Awards I decided that I would take the exact video costume outfit and wear it live on stage but boots were killing me they were so tight on my calves that the circulation was cutting off in my legs but I had so much fun performing in this this is a good example of if you’re dressed for the occasion you’re a more in the spirit of it you know you put a robe on you want to make a cup of tea or have a glass of wine and when you put on bustier dressing short skirt and buy my boots you want to rock up to men I feel like : okay 1999 Country Music Awards so come on over I’m in what was later written as pepto-bismol pink and I’m like yeah so what’s wrong with that pink it’s a great pink I think it’s more like a Melling pink myself personally and I went for the whole country vibe I love this look and I know it’s comfortable I had a great I had a great performance whoo baby in action here 2003 Super Bowl very very big moment for me this was an epic experience and it was another take on management like a woman look it was more of an edgy rock performance look well the album up was I was in more of a playful periods you know I was approaching 40 and I wanted to be sure that I didn’t get mumsy after no no I think it wasn’t that I was trying to make a statement about it but it was more for myself it was more than I’m I feel good in in my own skin pretty spirited about about my body and about stepping out with confidence oh oh yes I loved this night I hosted the general words I think this was one of my favorite nights of costume wearing I didn’t just watch Canadian teams today to reflect on me please enjoy lers Montreal Quebec yeah I mean I think it was all Canadian teams wear her these outfits ah I’m starting to stress looking through this looking back at all these incredible looks and I don’t know where half of them are I’m you know welcome back to be honest I didn’t realize the value in the moment of these looks and that they would still you know that they would still matter 2025 years later Marc Bouwer made all the costumes yeah I don’t know where they are I wonder what if he’s got a secret stash now he’s got a trunk somewhere of Shanaya things up world tour I bounced around and had a really great time up and down stairs and jumping and feelings are young and energetic because I was doing a lot of outdoor shows when it was a lot inhuman I was dying in anything that was clinging without breathing so I got into this sweat guard fabric and was loving it so that was a real awakening for me um so this is more this is where the athletic wear direction came into play whoo-hah mama this is 2012 Las Vegas show I love this okay I love a great bodysuit first of all I’m gonna get you good the video was a lace a black lace bodysuit stretch lace bodysuit I wanted to reflect the video I don’t really Catwoman but Catwoman come back woman ask you know superhero dark and sexy strong with the fakest glam so hence all the beadwork okay Wow back in leopards fries again this is 2017 on the James Corden show I’m feeling very celebratory during this phase and very fitting to be back in leopard print and I even love the fact that this is a pantsuit because there is a strength to that then I really enjoyed wearing for some reason it was something about the pantsuit it was stretch of course stretch fabric so yeah I’m back with now and still a leopard prints and just feeling like I’m own taking ownership of a lot of things and the print represents quite poetically where I was making that album and resonates through there the fashion – not just music very interesting well okay 2017 no 2019 amazed this is like so recent and I am loud and confident and right I love this moment I wanted to shine I wanted it to be sexy but strong I love the contrast of the orange in the pink I had given mark the direction that Mina’s fabulous pink fabric that I’m like yes of course that’s it I wanted to reference strength femininity sensuality and inclusion so all the fashion in this performance I think was definitely a reference of all of that and I had a lot of fun this look ok thank you so much for taking me back this has been awesome see you next time [Music] [Music]

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  1. 3:04 WOW, that photo is iconic! So many music legends in 1 photo! Shania was standing next to her fellow Canadian, Celine Dion.

  2. I never knew she spoke like this! Her speaking voice and singing voice are so different lol I love her music ❤️

  3. Back when she came up with Still the one, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen… She's still the one…

  4. Thankyou sweetie for sharing this Video with me heehee hugs this is great i live in Guelph Ontario Canada i love blues like a grey blue colors and light purples

  5. How Beautiful that dress is. I cant ware anything around my neck. Cant breath youre so down to Earth its so cool my friend. Youre so funny the pink its different. I like it. I love that im Canadian.

  6. Can we just trademark Shania as THE QUEEN OF LEOPARD PRINTS, like most of her previous outfits (even now, just take a look at the box and the pencils. lol) were leopard prints.

  7. Watched her on the voice uk. Has she had Botox? Didn’t know it was her at first. Looked awful. Such a beautiful woman too.

  8. How can people expect her to look like she's 30 when she is over 50? It is so unrealistic. Why are people so unkind to women? She looks beautiful and authentic and she has worked very hard to stay looking so well. You make Canadians proud Shania!

  9. I love the two of these outfits.
    The Superbowl and the Las Vegas look.
    Otherwise most of these can be dumpstered and filed under, "Who shot the couch and what did it do to be worn as a skin?"
    Did Anna approve this video before it went public?!!

  10. I love how she change her face like plastic surgery also like know she is recognized right now but she looks great

  11. I'm only model listed this Century. I'm only Olympic team member qualified for the United Nations my generation. None of this took place after me because of what they did.

  12. that is not pepto pink for sure. Definitely watermelon & it was beautiful. Even if it was Pepto pink…still pretty. To me, any shade of pink is beautiful. Shania looked beautiful and I loved all her outfits. In the pic at 8:44 she looks like Danica Patrick

  13. I hope if she’s reading these comments, she knows we all wish her well. We thank her for years of entertainment and would always welcome her back!!

  14. I love you Shania ❤️🖤😍 I love your style. Hey can you still do backflips haha 😂 like you did in you win my love?
    Also I love how you don’t wear animals 😊
    1998 I was 3 😂 lol definitely a long time ago.
    You’re still the one was my wedding song. I love how youtube exists so I can see all this amazing stuff.

  15. I looooooooove her! I grew up in the 90s to all her music a few years back I finally got to see her on my birthday. Best concert I’ve ever been too!

  16. I love Shani’s, haven’t seen her in ages, how’d she gain weight? She was a vegetarian and worked out. Weird. Guess she stoppped

  17. As a child, I thought that she was one of the most beautifull woman I ever saw because of the "you don't impress me much" video. Still looks lovely. But I feel cheated that she is not wearing some leopard print for this video! 😛 PS the leopard pencils are a nice touch!! 😀

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