Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Teaser Trailer – Making Of The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Easter Eggs

Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Teaser Trailer – Making Of The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Easter Eggs

Part of what’s been fun about
collaborating on the mandalorian with Lucasfilm and Disney is that we have
been able to see through a few technical innovations and a few firsts that I
think you’re going to have a lot of impact on the way television and movies
are made moving forward in partnership with ILM and epic we have put together a
system whereby which we can have game engine real-time render and video wall
technology coming together to create a backdrop for the big beautiful world of
Star Wars. The volume is 21 feet tall it’s 75 feet in diameter run by seven
machines pumping the visuals onto the screen
that’s that’s being created in pre-production and can be on the screen
within 24 hours of being final. It’s incredibly impressive when you first
walk out there because it completely surrounds your peripheral vision and you
really quickly forget that you’re indoors and you’re not out on some
planet surface it feels like a real three-dimensional environment
surrounding you because it is a three-dimensional environment. You can allow your key creatives to all make decisions together so that the shots are
captured entirely in camera which allows for a better performance. And what was so
exciting about this is by bringing those people together things started to click
and we started to realize well let’s not just do green-screen interactive light
if we’re gonna design the whole set and game engine ahead of time maybe we could
have some in-camera effects if you look at visual effects heavy films you’ve got
a film set and then it’s gonna go to post and it’s gonna get the world put in
here we’re considering all of that at the same time and how do we create a
background and foreground that live together on the volume harmoniously. When we started to play with the idea of using Unreal Engine for virtual
production that’s one of the things that Richard and John started to embrace is
that you’ve got this very dynamic world where you can have randomization of
things and find the happy accident that gives you the perfect shot being able to
see the actors point at things and see what they’re looking at was pretty
transformative it gave everybody context with the added benefit
that if you want to move a mountain from there to there you can do it instantly. You could switch between the Iceland location to the desert location all
within the same day of shooting The ability to shoot a 10-hour dawn is
extraordinary to shoot any sequence where you say oh this world’s not quite
right let’s just move it over a little an extraordinary number of benefits
and advantages for shooting in that environment it’s mind-blowing what that
tool is. Shots of character in a vehicle traveling through a complex environment
it’s always very difficult to do believably on stage LED screens are a
wonderful solution to that problem because what you’re doing is you’re
taking this technique of image based lighting that we’ve been using in
computer graphics for years but it use it to light a subject. And then we would do shoots
where we would texture map real, lit surfaces on to our game engine
geo. And so the camera could move anywhere we would do interiors like
Werner Herzog’s office, And then you started doing things like building
sets into it having half a spaceship with reflective surfaces and so it became
exciting because by the end of the season it was like let’s start designing
sets around what this could do well. Just like the good old days. It’s really a game changer for filmmaking Welcome back everyone is Charlie this is
going to be my video for the mandalorian season 2 there’s a whole bunch of stuff
they revealed recently there’s actually some good news even though everyone’s on
quarantine right now so if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get
all the videos we’ll do a giveaway for Disney Plus memberships all you have to
do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your biggest theory about mandalorian
season 2 on the video so obviously this is mostly behind the scenes than showing
how they make the mandalorian series what’s changed about that since the
season 1 episodes the current quarantine thankfully will not affect the
mandalorian season 2 release date it’s still coming out in October this year
the reason why we’re getting it earlier is just because of the way they’re
structuring all the Disney Plus programming later this year with all the
big Marvel shows that are coming they finished filming the mandalorian season
2 finale before the big quarantine started thankfully there are a couple
Marvel series that went on break Falcon and Winter Soldier and Wandavision are
still tuning up some of their final episodes but they’ll come back in a
couple weeks finish their episodes and release later this year it won’t be that
bad for them the big things about the mandalorian season 2 they confirm baby
Yoda is mail for everyone that was wondering he is a little boy I had a lot
of people asking during season one that were just confused I think people just
didn’t watch season 1 with subtitles because there were actually scenes
during episode 3 where dr. purging refers to baby Yoda as he gendering him
mail please don’t hurt him if it wasn’t for me he’d already be dead so hopefully
that clears up some of that confusion Giancarlo Esposito was also talking more
about the dark saber lightsaber battles that he had during season 2 he said he
had crazy lightsaber battles he didn’t say who these lightsaber battles were
with but because they’re looking for other Jedi to help baby Yoda presumably
they’ll find more rogue Jedi that survived the purge I already did a whole
video for a special comic-con panel he did earlier this year for the
mandalorian season 2 story talking about everything so I’ll link that at the end
of this is really cool the new stuff that he talked about recently wasn’t too
different from the stuff that I talked about during that other video they also
released this preview of the gomorian guard that’s going to be featured during
season 2 I know a lot of people saw this and
they’re like wait a minute are they going back to Tatooine is this meant to
imply that we’re going to be seeing Jabba’s palace in some way because he
employs a lot of gomorian guards that’s not necessarily what this means it just
means that there will become more Ian’s showing up during season two remember
there were jobless on multiple different planets
so just because they went back to Tatooine and then in a separate episode
we saw a jobless and crawler on a different planet with a bunch of jawas
doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be retreading all this old original trilogy
ground they’ll just be a lot of original trilogy easter eggs and references if
you remember the series takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi
and Jabba was killed by Princess Leia during Return of the Jedi so technically
Jabba isn’t even around even though someone like Jabba son or someone from
his family may have taken over all of his assets the really cool thing that
they get into during this video about how they make the Mandalorian is the
revolutionary stagecraft that they use those special led walls it’s sort of
like filming an episode on a holodeck or a really primitive holodeck because they
project the environment and it Maps around the room in real time synched
with the actors movements Jon Favreau said that when they were filming
episodes what happened during season 1 is because it was a brand-new technology
a lot of the time they would just try different things and figure out how they
could use this new tech with each new episode so by the time they got into the
finale they’d found much clever ways to use it to make episodes look even cooler
which they then poured into their season 2 episodes so a lot of season 1 was them
just figuring out how they were going to film episodes as you see them filming
there are a couple different versions of baby Yoda that they use in episodes
depending on what kind of scene it is and what they need him to do this is a
scene of them filming baby Yoda for season 2 and as you can tell this is the
full-blown puppet version of the character the way that Yoda during the
original trilogy was just a really complex puppet operated by Frank Oz and
a couple other people the other versions of baby Yoda that they’ve used in
episodes are a combination of special effects and a live puppetry lesser
versions of this version really good example of a full CG baby Yoda is when
he’s using crazy force powers like when he’s forced choking Cara Doon here is
very noticeable that he’s a totally different looking version than just a
minute later in the next scene when the Mandalorian
picks him up telling him to stop choking her and they go back to filming with the
regular puppet right after they finished releasing the mandalorian season 1
episode 8 finale last year there was a report that the baby Yoda puppet cost
them around five million dollars to make the actors here Jason sudakis from
Saturday Night Live and Adam pally that played the incompetent scout troopers
said that because they had to punch baby Yoda in their scene they were asked to
chill out a little bit by Jon Favreau who got really nervous after they
punched baby Yoda too hard for fear of breaking the puppet the reason why
they’re saying baby Yoda cost five million dollars to make is just because
of how complex the puppet is it has to be able to hold up on screen at 4k and
articulate as if it was a real creature it’s also one-of-a-kind it’s not like
they had a baby version of the original Yoda puppet to copy before they made
baby Yoda so some of that five million dollars that they’re reporting is
probably the cost of them figuring out what he was going to look like in
development and alternate versions that they tried along the way so hopefully
they’ll release some more behind-the-scenes featurettes and
teasers for season two if they do I will totally do a video for it or if you have
a special request obviously things are going to be really crazy for the next
couple of weeks so if you have special requests for videos just let me know in
the comments I will still be doing regular videos like I would for
everything else for the most part television is unaffected
it’s just that movie releases in theaters that have been postponed
temporarily but I know everyone’s hoping that they’ll release Black Widow on
Disney Plus I’m not expecting them to do that but if we do hear any news about
what’s going on I’ll totally do an update video as long as you have alerts
enable for my channel you should see those videos when I post them every one
click here for that other big Mandalorian season two teaser video and
click here for that brand new Marvel phase for spider-man 3 movie
announcement thank you so much for watching everyone stays safe I’ll see
you guys tonight!

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  1. Here's my new Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Teaser and Easter Eggs video. I'll post more updates and big announcements for all the big Series and Movie announcements in the next few weeks. Post all your video requests in the comments! Here's my other new Mandalorian Season 2 video too!

  2. We can only hope that Disney can live long enough to make the second season of The Mandalorian, before it falls.

  3. I believe that when the mandalorian finally founds the remaining of the Jedi he will begin understanding the jedi and maybe even training with a lightsaber

  4. unless i'm mistaken, the only jawas we saw were on Tatooine. They're native to that planet & although some did migrate offworld, they didn't take any sandcrawlers with them.

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  7. It’s the kid not baby yoda lucas doesn’t want viewers to say baby yoda because yours has been dead a while now

  8. I am new to the channel, and here is my theory for S2. I think we will see some Jedi introduced, who begin to train baby yoda. Possibly see the season end with a big lightsaber battle.

  9. Moth & Luke cross Sabers after he hops from Jedi to Jedi & he gets his at end of season, Mando is on the run?

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  11. Is it just me me or in a sense movies are doing a updated version of how it started? I mean they started with painted back drops and now they have computer painted back drops. Also known as computer edited back rounds. But it feels like the same aspect just 2.0 version.

  12. It would be amazing if they take advantage of the series Rebels having finished. Have Sam Witwer join the cast and become the canonized version of Galen Marek. Keep parts of his game history (Born on Kashyyk, Vader's apprentice, very strong in the force). Have him working towards redemption for what he's done while with Vader, and show some things in flashbacks (would be cool to have a fight between Galen and Luke, with a de-aged Mark Hamil!). And with the possibility of Ahsoka being there, it could be an amazing series of lightsaber/darksaber battles.

  13. 0:23, oh, baby yoda. my little miracle! my heavenly little baby. my little bundle of pride and joy!
    We will see you soon, honey-child.

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  16. It's INSANE how Jon and the filming team were able to make The Mandalorian really make you FEEL like the planets were actual places! as if they were real filming locations! i can't believe it, definitely some impressive stuff, and it will only get better in Season 2, i hope to see more diverse planets and locations from the SW universe, like from Clone Wars, if it's possible to do that and keep the Western feel.

  17. 9:05 Imagine if Jason Sudeikis hit Baby Yoda too hard and got fined 5 Mil, Jon Favreau would probably have had a heart attack 😮
    poor Baby Yoda :'( he wasn't visible, i wonder why they didn't take him out of the bag and put something uh less valuable in there to be punched, no idea 🤔

  18. I was always wondering how they did the scenes…cool. Season 2 wiil probably focus on the return of baby yoda to his people. May also develop backstory on how Gideon acquired the dark saber which will peak Mandelorians interest in taking it back for Mandelore

  19. Emergency Awesome you ARE awesome! When it comes to talking about and explaining tv shows and movies you are on top! Your videos are quality. And thanks for the captioning because I’m deaf and a lot of these other channels don’t put the captioning in.

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  21. So anyone notice ezra was not one of the jedi in the rise of Skywalker to talk to rey. Kanan nd ashoka did but not ezra… I think ezra will be in the mandalorian season two nd kind of help out with the child

  22. Great video. Any idea what diagram the guys are discussing @ 1:38 ? I took a screenshot, rotated, zoomed in. Maybe a map of the studio– if so, that's the limit of what I could tell.

  23. Biggest reveal is showing more of where all the "yoda's" come from.. like what planet or if the planet is gone. also darth maul.. or even REVAN…


    -A teenage wookie. I thought it would be funny to have a wookie that stands shorter than mando.

    -Mando crashes on a planet where light & darkside force users battle for power.

    –While ashoka is a bad ass surprise theres only one other jedi that could top her in my mind…..Mace Windu.

  25. Here is who should direct the new Star Wars trilogy

    1. Jon Favraeu, he did excellent on Mando

    2. Dave Filoni, He listens to the fan and he did excellent on Clone Wars

    3. George Lucas, it's his saga, and he did excellent on Revenge of The Sith, A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, and Phantom Menace

  26. When my younger brother was born, he was bald, wrinkled, and had big ears – he was my Baby YODA. His real name is John David, so I will call the new Baby Yoda "Johnny"

  27. The Mandalorian is good, don't get me wrong, but it is still quite over rated and I think mostly people just like it because it's the best star wars content we've gotten since the clone wars. And speaking of the clone wars, Ahsoka is my all time favorite star wars character and maybe just my favorite character in anything and I really just don't like the idea of her being in the Mandalorian. I feel like she's one of those characters that just really only works in animation, especially with her being a togruta, as that look is very hard to pull off in live action without making it look creepy.

  28. I think Ahsoka will probably fight Gideon and Sabine will probably be with her and get back the Darksaber to mandalorians

  29. Looking forward to season 2 because of two words, Ahsoka Tano. Of course we can't forget baby Yoda and Mando, but hell yes Ahsoka Tano too. Oh, did I mention Ahsoka Tano? LOL

  30. No one seems to like my theory, maybe it's too far out there,..
    I've been thinking for a while, that *the Mandalorian is going to get Frozen in his own carbonite, the show will do a Time Jump, and it will all be explained in flashbacks*. That will allow us to have two storylines going, 1 timeline picking up where we left off, looking for the Jedi, and the other, will have a baby Yoda that's a little more grown-up, perhaps he will be practicing with the darksaber, when the Mandalorian wakes up, essentially standing guard, as they make their way back home, without light speed, so it takes them 30 or 40 years.
    They might even run into Rey Skywalker… LOL that would be a pretty cool team up actually, especially if they scrap like superheroes first, then team up.
    Does any of this old water?? I love your channel regardless whether you like my theory… LOL LOL… Thank you very much!

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