Steel Curtain Review – Kennywood Roller Coaster

Steel Curtain Review – Kennywood Roller Coaster

Kennywood’s record-breaking roller
coaster with the highest inversion in the world packs one hell-of-a-list of
rare and unique elements, but does it live up to the hype? Let’s get right into
it. When pulling up to this park the ride
makes quite the statement, seeing it from across the river is jaw-dropping and it
definitely has changed the skyline of this place in a big way, the hype
begins before you even get into the park. this roller coaster starts off with a
slow lift that increases in speed which builds anticipation nicely and offers
incredible views over the river and old steel plants. as you crest the lift hill
there’s just a small dip instead of a drop and then you are into the highest
inversion in the world a corkscrew Drachen-Fire-dive-drop
197 feet in the air named after the defunct drachen fire at Busch Gardens but
it has a more modern flow and angle to it. unfortunately you don’t really get
much hang time in this element and it’s over before you even know it began. the
ride then hits its top speed of 75 miles per hour as you bank slightly left
and head into the banana roll, a Cobra roll-like element but with more speed
and less banking to it, it’s a lot more comfortable than a cobra roll but on
steel curtain the element is over awfully quickly. this along with the next
sea serpent roll are not as forceful or intense as you would hope and the ride
has an odd, but not-too-uncomfortable rattle to it at this point that’s
noticeable through this forgettable first half. this slight rattle, the amount
of speed the ride carries, and the large seats that block your view are reasons
that you have to wait for the front row of this attraction. this incredibly
fast-paced section of the ride is really not a talking point the pacing is there
but I actually wish that first element was slower so you can enjoy some hang
time through these massive inversions as you exit the large main structure this
is where this ride really picks up an excitement, over the pathway you find
yourself out of your seat with a nice pop of airtime before heading into this
awesome dive loop. in this dive loop you get some airtime that transforms into
hang time in one smooth motion followed by the small section of straight-track
just feet over the water this is a really nice element and likely my
favorite dive loop that have ever experienced.
you’re quickly thrown into a zero-g stall which is inversion number eight.
there’s no hang time here and the element doesn’t last long enough to really enjoy
it. it’s sometimes fun to look straight down during these types of elements
while you ride, but this one it doesn’t really make it worthwhile. I’d have to
say that RMC does the stall in a more fun and more comfortable way. the
finale of Steel Curtain is the highlight of the ride, a nice pop of airtime, a
heartline roll corkscrew-like inversion filled with hang time, and some quick
turns with vertical and some surprising but comfortable lateral G’s. a rare
cutback, a few more turns and you’re headed into the final brake run. The final
elements all go so well together and they’re a super strong and cohesive finish
to this coaster. it is the perfect ending I wish it could be longer because those
15 seconds are an incredible moment. overall while watching steel curtain
from the ground the moments that you think will be the highlights of this
coaster are actually the moments that are forgettable.
I also wish that the coaster utilized kennywood’s terrain like the rest of the
coasters in the park. now let’s break down the coaster into five key
categories that I feel make a roller coaster great and also see what you guys
rated the ride from home. the Steel Curtain is thrilling from start to
finish the ride gets more intense as it continues and even seems to gather more
speed as you progress through the layout since the elements get tighter and the
transitions quicker. it’s a perfect amount of thrill with all sorts of
vertical and lateral forces that are never too uncomfortable, sure they’re not
the most insane G’s that you’ve ever experienced and the vibrations can get
annoying, but there’s a lot of different inversions on this ride that you’ve
likely never experienced before on a coaster which is pretty cool. the pacing
on this ride is quite unbelievable but there are some misses for me. the
first element could have had a nice zen moment of hangtime before the
insane speed that ensues to the rest of the layout
it really was a miss in my book to not have Copperhead Strike-like hang time
through that massive element. other than that there’s really no slow moments through
the following eight inversions it’s a fun time Technical, this ride doesn’t feel like it
has 9 inversions which i think is a good thing. looking at a ride like Colossus
you have elements that you feel are just there to hit the inversion count, with
Steel Curtain everything technically flows together perfectly with no
uncomfortable slams through any element the nine inversions are also all quite
unique. while this ride has vibrations that started on day one and it makes me
wonder what it’ll be like in five years it’s not an issue with the comfortable
seats and lab bars. plus the elements are shaped in a manner that is more
comfortable than they would have been if it was shaped twenty years ago, it’s a
huge ride for S&S that they really did a good job with. if you like whippy
classic B and M-shaped cobra rolls and corkscrews, these aren’t them. entries and
exits into each element are almost too perfect.
the stall could also have less of a radius to really get riders out of their
seat during the short upside-down moment and that lanky support structure makes
this one of the most intimidating looking coasters out there, it’s just a
mess of support perfection it’s technically beautiful. the themming lacks
on this ride, it really has a parking lot feel in a theme park filled with
terrain hugging rides and history personally I wish they themed it to the
steel industry instead of the brightly colored Pittsburgh Steelers. just imagine
how cool this structure would have looked if it was rust colored and
surrounded by an industrial looking station and area, they would fit into the
surrounding (Pittsburgh area) steel factory structures and the dark color would look
menacing towering over the park, but because of the colors I’m sure some
people think of it as an eyesore once you’re in the park and around the
historic buildings on Kennywood’s Midway theming was a massive miss for me. it’s
great to see a connection between a big sports league and a theme park, I’m just
not sure it was the right way to do it but I’m sure the people of Pittsburgh
would disagree with me. this is a unique ride it has a collection of elements you
won’t see on any other ride the Steel Curtain is different in every way and I
like that. if I had a theme that fit the area and bettor interactions it could
have been one of the best coasters I’ve been on but it just leaves a “dam that
had potential to be really good”-thought in your mind after you hit that brake run.
now let’s see what you guys ranked Steel Curtain from home and also tally up
that final score. steel curtain is an incredibly good ride with some downfalls,
some elements are a miss and the ride is missing that “oh my god-here we go” -moment
for me the coaster is also a parking lot ride in a terrain-filled park. overall I
give it a 7.10. After a ton of votes from you guys at home you rated
this ride a 7.58 out of ten which falls in between
Diamondback and Cheetah Hunt it falls in the top 15 percent of coasters for me,
it’s not as good as steel phantom at Kennywood but it’s better than most S and S-made rides. it’s a really good coaster that you need to get over to Kennywood
to try out because where else are you going to find this strange collection of
elements all in one coaster? thank you for watching if you want more coaster
videos please subscribe to my channel or you can go to my Instagram to follow me
around the parks and that’s also where you’ll be able to have your vote count
on the next coaster that I review!

10 Comments on “Steel Curtain Review – Kennywood Roller Coaster”

  1. How would you rate Steel Curtain yourself in those categories?

  2. Awesome in depth review! Your views reflect mine pretty closely. I actually prefer Copperhead Strike over this.

  3. Theming. The entire city is known for the sports theme of black n gold, the Pittsburgh steelers, penguins and pirates have adopted the black and gold colors to the uniforms

  4. Okay wait… are we NOT counting the cutback, which clearly inverts, as an inversion???? I am confused because I count 10 inversions:
    1. Drachen Corkscrew
    2. Inverted drop
    3 & 4. Banana roll
    5 & 6. Sea Serpent roll
    7. Dive loop
    8. Stall
    9. Zero G roll
    10. Cutback

  5. Steel curtain is my #2 cuz it does everything I want in a coaster: pacing, intensity, whip, airtime, hang time and comfort

  6. Not going to lie I think it was very good, but I was a little underwhelmed, not sure if it was the restraints but I felt like the elements didn’t give enough hang time or have enough forcefulness

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