[Ultimate guide to 100 yen shop cat items] [Mori’s House] [Seria wooden chopsticks holder animal | 100 yen each | cannot be machine washed] [cat chopsticks holder] [The face and the stripes are carved in] [There were other options too] [It’s made of natural wood so the carving is different per each piece] [What a lovely facial expression] [Daiso 2020 dairy stickers 6(cats) 100 yen + tax] [cat stickers] [It has lots of different types of cats so if you are a cat lover, I think you’d love this] [The background is not transparent] [Putting the sticker on my diary] [You need more than you think you need] [Seria cat Gua Sha | 100 yen+tax | size : about 9.8 X 5.8 X 1cm] [It’s a Gua Sha shaped like a cat] [I have one in my bathroom but I wanted one for my bedroom] [There was white and black so I chose white] [It is not completely transparent. It’s opaque] [1. for lymphatic circulation / 2. for massage / 3. for acupressure treatment] [You can use it for different purposes] [Let me demonstrate] [Your hands get easily stiff, right? It feels good] [It’s better if you apply cream or oil in advance but I’ll also demonstrate it on my arm] [It fits perfectly on my arm] [It’s 3 dimensional like a cat so it’s cute] [Daiso silicon cake tray petit, jelly | 200 yen+tax | size : 18.2 X 26.4cm] [It’s a baking tray but I bought it to make ice] [I’m into home cafe videos recently so I wanted to try making unique ice] [It’s made of silicon so it’s very soft. You can use a tray to support it] [I’m going to make regular ice and frozen espresso and milk] [It’s easy to take it out because it’s soft] [There. It’s cute, right?] [I only changed the ice but the drink look so unique and interesting] [Daiso animal masking tape cutter | 100 yen+tax | size : width 15mm, thickness : less than 12mm, maximum making tape thickness : 54mm] [It’s a masking tape cutter] [You open it like this] [Put the making tape through its back] [Cut the tape and close the face] [Cute, right?] [It looks like it’s sticking its tongue out] [It’ll depend on the tape but it feels alright] [I bought it because it was too cute] [Seria rubber clip cat 8P | 100yen+tax | size : about 8.5 x 2.2cm] [cat clips] [the black part is made of rubber so it doesn’t slip off] [The inside looks like a cat’s paw so I was very touched as a cat-lover] [This side is also made of rubber so it doesn’t slip off]
[But I think it’ll attract dust] [In our home, we use it to close the opened bags] [It stays in one place without slipping off] [The paw is super cute] [Daiso cat shaped rice spatula+case | 100yen+tax | cannot be machine washed] [cat chased rice spatula with case] [The case can be disassembled and it can be hand washed] [I felt like the handle is too short] [I like the design because it’s not too much] [Daiso china humidifier(cat) | 300yen+tax] [It’s a cat shaped humidifier] [All you need is water and it doesn’t need electricity] [The paws are there too] [It’s round and cute] [This is the tray that comes with it. I don’t like the red color] [It’s cute because looks like it’s sitting down but the color red does not look good in my room] [I bought a white plate from Daiso] [I’m going to use it like this] [The cat looks familiar because it looks like it’s a mix between Sora and Hana] [Pour the tap water about half way] [The water does not get spilled so I think I can use it without the tray] [I’m going to put it on my computer dest] [It works as a humidifier and as a healing item] [Other than cat, there were panda and dog]

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