what is up everybody – it’s ya boy ddogg vlogs
here with another insane adventure today’s adventure we’re bringing you a fresh
unexplored location I’m joined by Carla so this place is absolutely insane I’m
looking at the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in the wild right now
this place is sketchy but we’re about to go inside hope you guys enjoy the video
if you do hit that like button hit that subscribe button let’s get it oh my god oh whoa oh my god wait till
you see this guy’s there’s Kitty’s guy where is that big mother darn
oh yeah yeah from the BART train to a tour bus still the same damn except to
pull it more look at this later guys this thing is so gross it doesn’t want
to focus on it but let’s see if they can get it too it doesn’t want to focus on
it guys but it’s the biggest spider I’ve ever seen the pup in the wild
damn alright so as you guys seen on the intro he’s playing very decayed we don’t
know what to expect but so far inside the garage there’s a lot of stuff left
behind later well we have a commander I’m not willing to touch ya screws
players as you guys know I’m incredibly
petrified of spiders so this house is sketching me out but let’s go as you guys can probably be careful
because we don’t know what to expect all right guys we’re in there’s quite a
lot of decay in here ready so fire let’s place to that power in this power a decaying mansion with
power on interesting one of the waters on the waters cut or is it no it’s cut
just look left in the lines coming up oh this is crazy look at this blue bowser put yourself to stuff in there this is
cool these bathrooms old look at the blue tile and stuff they don’t make
stuff like that anymore whoa what the that was the creepiest
door I’ve ever touched in my life what oh there’s a light do this door
open so weird it opens this way do you know watch it so weird I’ve told this
lock off this is creepy there’s so many spiderwebs guys oh my god one guys I’m
cutting to get these buggers off me I just found this wooden spoon I’ve been
using it to get rid of the spiderwebs look at this this looks older 2001 guys 2001 oh look at the police system guys
that’s how the door opens there’s a wait right here that picks the door up that
is cool oh yeah I’m just trying to move around get rid of spiderwebs ok moving
this stick around guys try get rid of the spiderwebs
doesn’t seem to be much over here but this room seems to be interesting yeah look at this moldy dead spider that
Carlo just by walking into anything useful worth know check out the rest of
this house I’ve got so many spider webs on me right now it’s disgusting play
your legs oh that’s so gross all right guys continue this along whoa these old fireplace I’m even open
anymore old fireplace guys pretty cool they had
a little bit fire in case if I ever hear washer and dryers and everything left
behind crazy yeah no water just what’s left into the lines Carla went upstairs
I’ll be up in a minute Carlos excited about upstairs so we’re
gonna make our way over there I want to check this entire house oh my god oh my
God look at this this is so sweet a little green sunroom huh shag carpet
that’s pretty cool I love that chandelier though look at
this guy’s that is awesome there’s a nice room all hardwood throughout that
had tire house I think Carlos behind a staircase right there yeah yeah you’re
behind the wall oh my God look at this room this is so
nice this house is absolutely gorgeous and as
you guys can tell from the intro from when we were walking up there about to
demolish this place for development they’re gonna tear this nice house down
and build a bunch of ugly houses that look exactly the same comment down below
if that’s your style but it’s definitely not my style this is for two sweetville
like this kitchen is really nice it’s old but nice no vandals have been in
here yet which is really cool I think Carla went through here yep
all right guys let’s go upstairs oh my god wait till you see this guys look at
this there’s a whole nother apartment up here this is crazy there’s mold in the fridge and yeah it’s
fuzzy another bathroom this place had a lot of
outdoors comment down below and let me know how many there are
this place is freakin sweet can’t believe it’s abandoned and about to be
demolished they had a cash register here at one
point these are cash register receipt neighbor
repos hmm there’s the doctor there’s the staircase alright
scare me a little bit even though I know you’re there so I wonder why they did
this see it was a store at one point cuz there’s some receipt repos we got I do
about more detail that’s not this place is cool though such a random fine yeah
look at the yellow up here you know if I was a kid this would be my favorite spot
chill just because it feels really different compared to the rest of the
house everything’s so small up here too yeah it’s kind of got a funhouse five I
believe this guy’s I’m really short and pretty much touching the door and it’s
quite a rap chat lots of big lot of it this place is pretty sweet guys another
room and another room there’s kiddies guys little baby kitties
come here cutie well you’re so scared here
oh you’re so scared cause the cat mansion he’s so cute look at this one
down here yeah so cute hey kitty oh there’s a black one
you scared out I know my camera hi kitty I just put my head in that big ass
spider where is that big money gone oh no no the whole web’s gone alright guys
on that note hope you enjoyed the video if you did hit that like button it does
subscribe button this place is absolutely insane hope you guys enjoyed
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  1. Yesss another exploring video thanks for the upload hope you stay safe and well out there sending alot of love your way and blessings keep up the good work

  2. AMAZING VIDEO DDOGG I LOVE your exploration videos from your bff:nicole from Indian Head/Maryland #InsaneAdventure

  3. Somebody needs to rescue all those sacred precious cottons! You guys rock! Carlo is awesome!!!!

  4. Great video and explore Ddog!! That house was really cool! Sorry I didn't count the bathrooms. It was funny when Carlo scared you!! Lol! The cats were soooo cute!! 😂🤗💜Love from New Jersey

  5. You should try to catch those kitties. And get them used to human people. They need proper care. And a loving home. Get them dewormed

  6. That house is great and I can see what it used to look like when it was new and had a family living in the it doing family things. As a crazy cat lady please tell someone who knows what to do to come and rescue the beautiful pussycats, they all deserve a good home and lots of love. Your videos are always so cool ddogs thanks for taking me along for the ride from your Aussie friend Ann xoxo 🤠🇦🇺😻

  7. Man! What a shame to knock such a nice place down!!! It still has so much life left to it and would be even more awesome with some updates! Great find! That basement door was friggin crazy..never saw one like that..pretty brilliant!

  8. Great find as always DDogg! Please make sure the demolition crew gets the Cats out before destroying the place. If there are any Animal Sanctuaries nearby let them know where the cats are. They need to get out safely!

  9. Come to Australia Dustin and check out the size of our spiders 🥀🕷🥀 lol. They’ll have you running. Looks like a 70s style house 🥀 it’s like a trap door that leads to the basement how cool 🥀🕷🕷🕷🥀it looks like they were renovating this house at one time. I hate these cookie cutter homes their building now days and these classy places won’t exist one day that’s pretty sad 🥀I actually don’t mind the yellow walls upstairs. Thanks Dustin great video 🥀🕷🕷🥀

  10. This is for ddogg and you found a awesome house I love all the rooms and kitchen even all the bathrooms and beautiful exploring these places when you was going through some staircases Carlos jumped out and scared me so fast it does happen you know of course and thank you for showing this beautiful house on YouTube and thank you also showing the wonderful cats and of course you rock ddogg and I will pick up some merch and so take care of yourself and be safe out there okay and best of all thanks for taking risk to entertain us on YouTube and blessed be to you peaces out

  11. Hey ddogg, hope all is well. Loving these abandoned videos, great explore, decaying house with power and NO graffiti how often does that happen. Those big spiders not so cool, they can crawl away and hide thankyou. Had to laugh at your comment ( mouldy dead spider ), that was epic, never seen a mouldy spider. I think there was 3 bathrooms, those people were really lucky, I only have one bathroom. Poor kitties, probably a stray cat that moved into the abandoned house to have her kittens and stay warm, so sad to see. Hi 5 to Carlo.  Can't wait to see the next exciting video, love you Man and cheers for now.

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