The Cat Who Keeps Her Distance From The World

The Cat Who Keeps Her Distance From The World

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  1. Hi everyone. You might probably be watching this video from your homes because of the outbreak. I hope this video can help take your mind off the situation even for just a few minutes.
    I wish you all the best and healthy times ahead!
    Take care!

    (Btw, the cat who resembles D’Artagnan from 2:15 is our neighbor’s cat. And you’ll get to see a video about him in the coming weeks as well. Also, there are some stranger cats in this video like the one approaching Zoom at the end. These are the stray cats from our neighborhood who occasionally visit our garden for food.)

    Merhabalar. Muhtemelen bu videoyu salgın sebebiyle evlerinizden izliyorsunuzdur. Umarım izlerken birkaç dakikalığına da olsa zihniniz günlük sorunlardan uzaklaşabilmiştir.
    İnşallah hepimiz sağlıklı bir şekilde bu dönemi atlatırız.
    Kendinize iyi bakın!

    (Bu arada 2:15’teki Dartanyan’a benzeyen kedi komşumuzun kedisi. Önümüzdeki haftalarda onu da bir videomuzda izleyebileceksiniz. Ayrıca bu videoda, sonlara doğru Zoom’a yaklaşmaya çalışan kedi gibi birkaç yabancı kedi de var. Bunlar ara sıra yemek yemek için bahçemize uğrayan mahallenin kedileri.)

  2. Lol, I've seen that backyard before on reddit. Someone must have gif'd it. IIRC, all the cats broke into the house and found the cat food?!

  3. Muito bom, 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️🐈🐈🐈. Há solução para tudo😂😂.
    Que maravilhoso ver esses gatinhos tão felizes, OBRIGADA 🙏

  4. My favorite channel, by the way, tell us how each of your precious cats came to you in the end they managed to be a cat family, Thanks, greetings 🍀

  5. Zoom is a really cool Introvert cat. She sure loves to zoom away to get herself some space. I think she really trusts you because of how she still goes there and the house and at the end, she did slow blinks. So basically she loves you…from a distance

  6. I so eagerly waits 👀 for your videos… Keeps checking ur TL👀 …. Thanks for this sweet video…. 🙏.

  7. Ha! Ha! Zoom practices safe "social distancing" way before the NCovid-19 started!!! Zoom is such a BEAUTY but an aloof one!

  8. She's beautiful & looks healthy. She at least gets along w/ the other cats & tolerates human presence. She's still a lucky cat to b part of ur family.

  9. Great to see a video on Zoom! Just curious if she is vaccinated and spayed, since she doesn't let humans get too close?

  10. This is so cute! I love the way she kept running off but coming back into that lovely spot with the climbing ivy all around! I hope things aren't too bad where you are.

  11. Good to know more about Zoom, she must have been traumatized by some stupid human in the past to be this way. I would say she learned not to trust.

  12. Zoom loves her own space and is very happy in her cat home. As long as her sibling kitties do not step over her boundaries, all is well in Zoom's world.

  13. I have a kitty named Zoey that acts like this 😂😻💞,love your videos bringing a brighter note to our days now 😻😻😻❤️

  14. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos! I am SO happy to watch all of them, you bring joy to my life and I am very thankful to you.

  15. I see that her mouth doesn’t close well, maybe she’s had some bad experience with (so called) humans and doesn’t look forward to repeating it. Once bitten twice shy…

  16. This cat reminds me of stories my mother used to tell me many years ago about a cat they fed in the old country. It would come around dinner time. That's when scraps were handed out. He would wait at a distance until the food was out and the humans were inside. If anyone tried to approach him he disappeared until the next day. People go out of their way for cats like that.

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