The story of Mr. Pirate, possibly the best cat EVAR

The story of Mr. Pirate, possibly the best cat EVAR

Hi, my name is dr. Yuri Burstyn I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver BC and I’d like to welcome you to my series of practical skills for pet owners I’m very excited to be making this video today I am I think I promised you guys that once we hit a hundred thousand subscribers I would share with you the story of mr pirate and how he came into my life and I couldn’t honestly I couldn’t wait for that to happen because I Absolutely want to tell you this story and here we are and fittingly of course, he’s on my shoulder right now his butt May or may not be blocking the microphone, but please forgive any sound issues you may have and before I get into it please remember to squish that subscribe button and to pet the bail notification icon next to it so that you guys get Updates on my latest uploads live streams and any other time videos goodness is happening So now that you’ve done all that, let me tell you about how I met Mr P so as some of you may have heard I attended veterinary school in Sydney Australia, like most of its students I spent a certain amount of time in vet clinics volunteering observing getting sort of experience before Completing my professional training in the summer between first and second year of vet school I was hanging out at a veterinary clinic on the Central Coast just north of Sydney And if I remember correctly, it was during lunch were in the staff room at lunch and a woman came to the front desk off the veterinary clinic and with her was a box and in the box were two kittens and She had found this box at Wyong train station with two kittens abandoned inside both beautiful little cute Tabby’s who were maybe a week hold to their eyes? Luckily the hand quite opened yet, or maybe they were just opening up so around a week old And she said that she wanted to raise them But two kittens was too much work and she was wondering if there was anyone at the clinic who’d wanted to raise a kitten So of course everybody said Yuri, you’re a vet student every vet student should raise at least one kitten in their life And I can’t say this is wrong I think everyone should have this experience vet student or no, but especially vets Now when I went when I moved to Australia I was going there for school I knew I was gonna be in Australia for five years and I would just finished my undergraduate degree in Canada before then and I never I didn’t have a pet But I grew up with pets I had Pat’s my whole life before going off to university and I always had this thought that maybe when I went to Australia I would adopt some like mangy old undesirable Senior feline, you know, just some sick old thing that was you know 17 years old and nobody else would want it and I was gonna adopt this cat and give him or her a nice place to live and It was kind of thinking it’s probably unlikely. They would live longer than my tenure in Australia. I Certainly did not plan on adopting a kitten and of course on that morning. Everyone was telling me how oh, excuse me One moment. I feel some feline motion No, and of course that morning everybody was telling me Telling your story mr. Pete So that morning everyone was telling me about how the Australian SPCA No, I don’t know if this is still the case but back in those days they would not accept cats less than one kilogram in size just Mostly because they were just flooded with kittens and this is really sad that there’s so many kittens They were just euthanized anything other than one kilo or under one kilo is just too much work for them to handle There’s too many cases. Unfortunately, this is often a problem that faces animal shelters everywhere in the world So everybody was telling me oh you just have to raise him for a few weeks and once he’s a kilo the SPCA will take him and He’s not gonna be a problem anymore. So Naturally four and a half years later. He was flying back to Canada with me. So clearly that didn’t happen But I said, all right. Yeah, I’ll raise a kitten. Absolutely. I love cats. I’m enthusiastic vet student. I will definitely raise a cat and It just so happens that On that day, I had Some photos taken now. I want to share them with you. This is this photo is taken and I think 1 megapixel flip phone Motorola camera, very very old-school so the quality of these images is not the best but you can see a picture of a 22 year old me and The one we called, mr. Pirate and you’ll see mr. Pyatt earning his name So he’ll look here you’ll see this chubby little cat Fitting in the pocket of my scrubs. He was so small. He could just fit right into my breast pocket yeah, can you believe it fired you’re at that small and Over here you can see a photo of mr. Pirate earning his name you can see it a little tabby splotch climbing up on my shoulder is the first thing he did when he Came into my life was he climbed out of a box founded why on train station and right up on my shoulder No, it just so happens that I’m a big fan of fantasy and adventure novels big fan of history And I was playing Sid Meier’s pirates at the time so When he climbed up on my shoulder I thought this is a little parrot not a cat but mister but parrot wasn’t very good name. So I thought pirate Ah, it’s gonna be pirate and so he became mr. Pirate right away just as soon as he climbed up on my shoulder I just knew that this was his natural habitat Isn’t that right little guy So and he pretty much lived on my shoulder ever since the end Ok, not really the end, but it was certainly a beginning So I spent luckily this was during summer break. So I spend the next seven weeks learning how to raise a kitten bottle feeding this little guy a Couple times a day probably doing it up as often in the middle of the night as I should have to bottle feed him toileting him I don’t know how many of you guys know this but Kittens can’t pour pee until they’re about five or six weeks old on her own They need stimulation of the perineum which their mother provides with a tongue and which humans provide with a little wet paper towel So every time you feed a kitten there’s a kind of stroke under their tail Until they pee or poop because they just there’s that just the way they’re built. That’s the way the physiology works So I was feeding him milk replacer toileting him and he mostly spent most of that time living on my shoulder. I did live in a shared house with some pretty awesome people at the time, so He had a lot of humans giving him a lot of love My mate Simon Simon if you’re watching this Missy did Is like six foot six, I believe he’s got massive shoes and mr Pirate used to climb into running shoes and just curl up inside of there and have naps it Was that small sleeping inside of running shoes? He would sleep in that beanbag chairs that we had a living room and just sink right down till you couldn’t see a cat anymore It’s a miracle. Nobody sat on him at that time. Oh and I have to show you a story about weaning him. So a Couple weeks into having mr. Pirate. I Realized that at some point cats need to start eating solid food and I start reading about weaning kittens And I read that weaning happens sometime between six and eight weeks of age. And for those of you that don’t know weaning refers to Getting a cat off of milk or getting any mammal off a Millikan onto their adult food, whatever It may be being a high-strung vet student Once I read this I decided that I have to wean him right away and I just started Essentially, I just started putting out kitten food and mixing it with milk replacer and I think I winged him way too early probably in Like the space of three days at six weeks of age, which is really there’s no need for panic I could have just taken my time, but I speed weaned him and it was hilarious because I had a little Saucer of milk with some cat food in it, and mr Pirate because he had no proper cat mother to show him how to eat food you just open his mouth and just walk across the saucer and He would just walk across the saucer scooping food He was like a little little whale shark Does you just walk back and forward the saucer and like some food would have in his mouth every time it was the most? Ridiculous thing ever. It’s one of the many ways in which I failed him so Time came and went and eventually this little guy got to be over one kilo in size and one morning I looked at him. He looked back at me and I’ll admit for about one sixtieth of a second. I thought oh my god. Is it time to say goodbye to him? and then I immediately realized that there’s no way in hell I was gonna be parted from this awesome little cat whom I raised and That was that he we decided to Be roommates together and he’s been a huge part of my life ever since he’s traveled with me from Australia to Canada to the States back to Canada from being a vet student to being a Doctor being an intern being practice owner. He’s been with me through it all so Of course He flew back from Australia with me a poor little guy probably the most traumatic thing that ever happened to him Unfortunately, he had to go in the luggage compartment under the plane. You can’t take cats with you in the Passenger compartment for the long-haul flights. I mean it was like over 20 hour flight, I think But he handled it pretty well and I remember having asking the stewardesses to check on him during our layover in Hawaii And because I couldn’t go to the luggage compartment for safety reasons But they checked on him and ensured me he was fine and for something for which I’m ever grateful so if you guys have seen this video, thank you once more it was really lovely and I Think that is a pretty good summary of pirates early years He had a bit of a rough start and a box at a train station and bit of a rough first started being raised by By the 22 year old version of me. They didn’t really know what he was doing But he seems to have turned out. Okay, I think they were very good close and loving relationship with him and I’m very very very happy that he’s a part of my life. It’s just being my little buddy For so so many years and Hopefully will be my little buddy for many many more and I’m pretty much his mother. I think that’s way he sees me I’m okay with that Certain I get more likes from him than I do from any other cat I’ve ever met And he gets more shoulder rights for me than any cat usually gets from their human So it’s a very very balanced relationship and he helps me make youtube videos which for which I’m also very very thankful So I hope you found a story of mr. Pirates origins both enlightening and amusing and Hopefully I will have a chance to share many many many more adventures of mr Pirate and you guys over the coming years If you’d like to see more videos like this, I would really appreciate your support which you can express by joining me on patreon where I have a wonderful community of patrons already or By getting some squished like cat merchandise like this t-shirt. I also have mugs and a bunch of other stuff So please support me I look forward to making more videos like this and until next time have fun with your pets and I’ll see you again

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  1. will baby kittens purr without mother cat to teach them. My cat Sally doesn't purr. If you raised your cat does Mr. Pirate purr

  2. Aawwww. Such a sweet man. He really loves his cat. My own cat is this affectionate with me too. Good information too

  3. It’s crazy how those teeny little kittens grow into great big cats. I lost one my oldest boys not too long ago. When I got him, he’d been rescued by my partner who was in a wheelchair and managed to grab this tiny little black and white scrap that had been thrown out of the house next door into the rain, because he’d “scratched” one of the kids., and stuffed him, struggling and scratching down his shirt, to get him inside. He got well scratched up for his pains lol .When we got him he was tiny enough to sit on my palm, and when he finally passed away he was over 3 kilos of cat…..who still thought he was hand sized. My partner has since passed away, and now so has ‘Dumo. His name was Umdumo (Zulu for thunder storm), aka “thundercat” and I still miss him so much.

  4. My youngest son came across an abandoned kitten and he and his now wife decided it would be a great pet for his older and adult single brother who had no pets. Older brother was not so keen but took the little kitten on. 16 or 17 years later that cat lives the life of Reilly and has his originally reluctant owner wrapped around his little finger. My son is devoted to that cat. ❤️ Cats sure do get a hold of your heart just like Mr Pirate. Thanks for this lovely video.

  5. NO, I repeat ABSOLUTELY NO amount of thumbs up will be enough for this video. You know how much people of love one when they talk about this particular person / cat. Wish Mr Pirate a Long Long life.

  6. I could really use some advise here.
    My cat Pasha just died in a car accident. We only had him for 2 month but my parents and I really really love hin. We always wanted a cat and I finally got my parents to agree now is the right time. (We should have done it earlier in retrospect) On top of that he really fitted in with our household. Only a few problems but much love and compromises and trust. I miss him so much. He died 1 and a half weeks ago. Any advise on how to adjust with the grief? I love cats in general but when I see one now I just get really sad. Since it was so sudden and early it really crashed on me.

    Furthermore, do you have any tips for traveling when you have cats? About letting them alone at home for a week or two or more. Or going with them? Just general advise?^^° A video about that topic would be amazing!

  7. I love watching your videos. I don't have any more cats, my last dying last November after 19 years, but I seem to have been adopted by a stray who now comes into the house, eats, and leaves again. Eventually, he might decide to stay, but I don't want to try and force the issue. He's still a bit skittish.

    I didn't want another cat after Misty died, but it seems that I don't have a say in the matter 😛

  8. I love Mr pirate:) please go vegan:) all animals are amazing and deserve to live:) #veganLove love from Spain xx

  9. My kittens are suddenly peeing outside of the litter box and they won't eat their wet food which they usually really enjoy. This started happening yesterday after they got their last rabies vaccination and FVRCP vaccination.

  10. Well, that's a heart-warming way to start the day. The strong bond here is obvious. Proud dad talking so lovingly about his cat. The world needs more of these kinds of videos. Thumbs up from West Kelowna, BC!

  11. Our human-reared kitten Emily also ended up with some weird and adorable quirks from not having a cat mother around for some of her early kittenhood, the best of which was that she simply had no idea that she was supposed to open her mouth to meow for her first year! Sadly, once she went into heat for the first time she figured out how to make her meow louder by opening her mouth. 11 years later she's the best behaved cat we've ever had, a real delight to have sharing our home.

  12. I have said it before, I'll say it again: I would die for Mr. Pirate.
    On another note, Doctor: thank so so much for the numerous insights you have given me throughout the last months with your channel! They have been really helpful with my 9 y.o. Robin and with the four lovely scoundrels that have come into my life only last month and stolen my heart <3

  13. I also raised a (pair of) kittens and they are the joys of my life. I found this video so sweet! Thank you for sharing, you and Mr. Pirate are both treasures!

  14. I know these videos get a ton of comments, but I just needed to say, thank you so much for your videos! You're the biggest inspiration in my life now, just from your youtube channel.

    I'm a, now, university student on Vancouver Island, but a year ago I was completely lost when I graduated highschool. I had wanted to get into the veterinary field all my life, but everyone around me, friends, teachers, family, hated the idea to the point I started to hate it too, but could never figure out anything else I could ever want to do.
    Your videos inspired me with how kind hearted and pure you are as a person and how invested you are with sharing information and knowledge about animals and care, enough that I finally got myself to apply for veterinary courses. And by some miracle, I was accepted to the first university I applied to. I'm now 3 months into the course, and it's definitely proving difficult, but you're always in the back of my mind rooting me on. If that doesn't sound creepy.
    Thank you for being you!

  15. Hello Vancouver Vet, I have a question if you don't mind. My current Cat at the moment (12 years old) seems to be developing the same symptoms of heart disease as his brother (same litter) who passed away at 9 years old. Is there any way to effectively treat it?

    My vet said that there isn't really any good treatment for cats with heart disease and it varies per cat. I just want a second opinion because it seems so hopeless for him.

    Its no biggie if you don't see this but if you do I greatly appreciate it 🙂


  17. Please I need help, I don´t know what to do. I found this channel where a guy supposedly finds cats and helps them, but the way he finds them are in very bad conditions and the after pictures and video show him very healthy, but the thing is, the cats look exactly the same age, obviously this psycho is building his channel by torturing animals. It doesn´t even show his face. I don´t even know how to report his channel, but even if we get to close his channel he will open another and do it again. What can we do? How can we find this psycho, he seems to be indian here is the link of the video, he even has the comments disable.

  18. Ś̷̻̲̩̫̜̫̬̍͒̍́̋̽ ̷̟̇̎͋͘͘Q̴͌͐̓͗̕͜ ̷̹̩͍̦̼͍͖̫̔͛Ǘ̵̬͔̙̇͒̊̃̆̚ ̶̮͓̠̘̭̮͈̟͉̗̿̅̆͘͝͝Ï̶͖͉̍̄͊͠ ̷̯̪͓̮̠͚̘̤͇̀̍͑̾̓Ş̷͎̺͉̝̝̩̱̭́̂̋̌̍̊̾ͅ ̷̨͖̦͙̺̖͚͔͎̽̆̌H̶̢̼̫͕̫̩͎̝̉͘͝ ̸͚̥͇̇́͐̊̋͝͠Ṯ̸͇̪̰̖̦͙̰̋͋̀̓̓̉̀̂̀͝ ̷̡̧̲̝̑́̔̽́̌͋H̴̢̠̰̩̲̫͙̲͒̎̀́ ̴͕̺̮͔͔̒̈́̏͜Ę̷͚̤͐̓͘̕ ̶͚̝̬̗͇̦̫̮̋͗̈́̿̽̋͘͝C̷̛̘̣̝̪̘͖͓̥̈́́͛̈́̈̌̕ͅ ̴͖̹͚̘̫̎͑̎̋͛̕ͅA̸̗̾̆̄̿̈ ̸͍̹͋̏̿̈́̈̐́̄̆͠Ṯ̸̠̻̜̺͈̫̓̓̐̌̓̔̆̄͘͠

  19. I recently rescued a 14 yr. old Siamese male. I was working for a young man whos mother had given the cat to him. He had it quite some time and then got a big dog which attacked him and badly injured his left eye. The owner did not want him and was going to take him to the pound but I wanted him and he is mine now.
    I named him Simon and took him to the vet. for a check up. The blood work found Simon has feline HIV and Feline T.B. ,Simon also had a lung infection which I got a prescription of antibiotics for. He is doing very well now and we are both very happy. Simon does have a little stiffness in his joints but that comes with age as I know being a senior citizen myself.
    I could say much more but to keep it short I will jus t say I have a new best friend again as my best buddy Bopper passed on about a year ago. Life is good! For us both.

  20. literally the first video i've seen of you, and god damn just seeing how hype you are about raising this cat is so dang contagious i couldn't help but smile. Thanks for brightening up my day dude! 🙂

  21. I had a cat related question. What breed of cat would you recommend for a beginner cat owner? An American Shorthair? A British Shorthair? A Siamese cat?

  22. I love how much you love Mr Pirate! And cats in general! I always say that cats are God's best invention! I remember loving kitties at the age of 2!

  23. This is straight up Wholesome Content!! This man and this cat are too pure!!! My heart!!! 😢😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  24. What a beautiful story. I have raised kittens to cats all my adult life- Radford, Oswald, Charlie Minty, who have lived long and passed on. We noe have Jasper, Ren, and Suki. I would not be without my cats at all. They have taught me much about companionship and are very loyal.

  25. My mom attempted the shoulder cat method with our youngest little dude (my profile picture), and he loved it! He looked so excited to see things from so high up!

  26. Awesome doctor that is a CANADIAN!!!! yey!!!! Love Love love your videos. Can you please do a video on how to message my arthritic 19 year old cats back legs please. I give her cat glucosamine suppliments, but no improvements do far. Please help.

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