TURKISH KANGAL VS SPOTTED HYENA – Who will win in a battle?

TURKISH KANGAL VS SPOTTED HYENA – Who will win in a battle?

Who would win in a fight between a kangal and a spotted hyena? Turkish Kangal, one of the most strongest livestock guardian dog breeds, going up against one of Africa’s top apex predators, the Spotted Hyena. Let’s see what both will bring to the fight. I will compare a male Turkish Kangal with a female Spotted Hyena as both are more powerful and larger than their female and male counter parts. Size and Description The Kangal is a very large dog with heavy muscling, though without the coarseness of a Mastiff breed. The neck is thick and strong, and may have a slight dewlap, redundant skin that allows the dog an advantage in battle by preventing it being immobilised. The back is well muscled but not excessively broad, sloping to the croup and the base of the tail, which usually hangs low and is held in a curl. Males stand an impressive 3.4 – 3.7 feet (74–81 cm) tall at the withers, while females range from 2.3-2.6 feet (71 to 79 cm). Though the breed standard does not specify an ideal weight, males generally weigh approximately 136–176 lb (62–80 kg), and females 110–154 lb (50–70 kg). The spotted hyena is the largest species, and it grows to 4 to 5.9 feet long (1.2 to 1.8 meters) and 2.5 to 2.6 feet tall (77 to 81 centimeters) from paw to shoulder. They weigh 88 to 190 lbs. (40 to 86 kg). Unlike other species, spotted females are 10 percent heavier than males. The spotted hyena’s coat is sandy, yellowish or gray. It has dark brown or black spots over most of the body. Spotted Hyenba is strongly built, with a massive neck and large head topped by rounded ears, unlike the other hyaenas. The jaws are probably the strongest in relation to size of any mammal. The front legs are longer than the hind legs, which gives the back of Spotted Hyena a slightly odd, downward slope. Distribution and Habitat The Turkish people claim: the Kangal Dog is an ancient flock-guarding breed, thought to be related to the early mastiff-type dogs depicted in Assyrian art. The breed is named for the Kangal District of Sivas Province in central Turkey where it probably originated. Despite its regional origin, many Turks consider the Kangal Dog as their national dog. The Nelsons imported their first Kangal Dog to the United States in 1985. This dog, and subsequent imports, provided the foundation for the Kangal Dog in the United States. Spotted Hyena live in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. They are able to survive in savannas and swamps, as well as semi-arid regions, and even mountainous forest areas. Rather than resting in dens, adult spotted hyenas sleep in holes or shallow pools or under bushes or scrubs anywhere they can find shade during the heat of the day. Hyenas use watering holes as places to cool off or to hide extra food. Spotted hyenas can be active both day and night, depending on their needs and whether there are humans around, but they are generally nocturnal. Diet Historically these Sivas Kangals would eat scraps from villages; including water, goat’s milk, yoghurt and bread. This guardians historical diet probably isn’t nutritionally complete, as it lacks protein in high amounts, so you should look towards a high-quality kibble; feel free to add raw meat occasionally. Kangal dogs are very large, and they bring very large appetites to match. A Kangal of either gender needs 3000 calories per day to enjoy a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. For simplicity and ease of care the majority of these dogs are fed with a high quality kibble; especially formulated for large-breed and active dogs. Lions and hyenas compete over the same food in overlapping territories. Sometimes the hyenas do the work of organizing, chasing down, and killing prey only to have lions steal it. Lions often injure or kill hyenas as they fight over a carcass. The bigger the hyena clan, the larger its prey. This can include young rhinos, adult wildebeest, zebras, and Cape buffalo. The hyenas work in a group when hunting such large prey, and young hyenas take years to become successful. Smaller packs chase down gazelles, impalas, warthogs, and waterbucks. When hunting alone, a spotted hyena may go after smaller prey. Behavior The Kangal Dog is not necessarily a typical livestock guardian dog in that he is more people oriented. He is still alert and territorial, taking care of his family and home. He will become very bonded to his human family and that does make it difficult to re-home an adult Kangal Dog. He is usually very good with children but can become very defensive towards non-family members. Early socialization and training is important to ensure he is able to become a well-adjusted member of the household. Because he is so territorial, if he is not contained within a secure fence he can become very aggressive to other domesticated animals and other people. The Kangal Dog does require continual training, it is usually best to incorporate his training into his exercise program. In terms of their social intelligence, Spotted hyenas are considered to be close to the same level as certain primates. They have excellent night vision, being mostly nocturnal, hunting at night and sleeping or staying near their den in the daytime. They have a matriarchal social order of related individuals that are called clans. One alpha female leads the clan. These animals mark their territory by scratching the ground and with an oily substance that they secrete from their anal glands. Spotted hyenas have a large vocal range and communicate with clan members with whoops, yells, grunts, growls and giggles. The giggling sounds like manic laughter, hence their other name. Now let’s see, who would win in a fight between a kangal and a spotted hyena? Even if their dimensions are close, the Spotted Hyena is actually more powerful than any canine, including the Turkish Kangal. They are also more durable as Spotted Hyenas have been able to survive direct bites to the neck by lions, but they also have double the bite pressure which can crush bone, and Spotted Hyenas are actually better fighters and Killers. The Kangal has gained a foothold in Africa, where farmers suffering losses because of predation by lions and other big cats have seen remarkable success in employing the Kangal to tackle these fearsome predators. But they deter the animals and almost never actually engage in a fight, so mostly they use intimidation. Spotted Hyenas have been fighting and killing since they were born if the Hyena gets in one bite to the dogs neck, it’s over. The Turkish Kangal won’t kill the Hyena with a suffocation bite because if these animals can survive direct bites to the neck by lions and from other Spotted Hyenas, then it can survive a Turkish Kangals suffocation bite but the dog most likely wouldn’t go for such a tactic and will most likely try to duke it out while the more powerful Spotted Hyena go for the kill right from the start. So to sum it up, the Kangal will lose the fight because of its lack of fighting experience, and it’s bite will not do much to the Hyena as it has dealt with much more powerful bites, and because the Hyena only has to bite the dog one time in the neck which will end the fight immediately and with the dog having a crushed jugular from the sheer bone crushing pressure of such powerful jaws.

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  1. This is stupid for one the hyena is a competitor to the lion the other would be food for the lion easy now we’re done.

  2. 1:08 lol..WRONG….maybe for a puppy kangal…..My kangal is 95cm and 100kg….my cousin has a kangal 96cm at shoulders as well….WHERE on earth did you get your data???

  3. Just incomparable..
    One a domestic dog, however great & the other is a wild – real wild animal…which at times survive a bite to its neck by a lion…

    Definitely incomparable.. 😃😃

  4. If the hyena is male then also RIP kangal and if it's female then
    Lol its like comparing me with an mma fighter comeon man!!

  5. Ive seen a hyena get its neck bit by a male lion, turn around and bite the lion in the paw so hard and painful it caused the male lion to release the bite and the hyena ran off… so ya hyena would win based on pure experience they are more brutal they fight lions lol let alone a much less powerful animal would be a game for them

  6. It's not bite to constrict the airway, it's a blood choke. Blood chokes stop blood to the brain and cause unconsciousness long before suffocation.

  7. They have hyenas in Iraq where the kangal guards sheep but they’re the smaller striped hyenas and I think they’re solitary creatures

  8. I think it's wrong to say the kangal has little chance; their size and strength are similar, and even the hyena has a stronger bite force, the kangal's bite force isn't far behind (it's the strongest bite of any living canine). I think a kangal has a chance if it is well-trained and experienced.

  9. Even though I knew this was going to be stupid, I wanted to watch it to learn more about the Turkish breed. I’m a dog fanatic! I own Irish terriers, who have actually been used to hunt wild boar in Africa, bc they’re fearless and rugged, and were critical in trench communication during WWI bc they weren’t afraid of the shelling, and were so loyal to their men that they’d literally go through hell for them. I wouldn’t think of getting another breed, I still love to learn!

  10. Kangal, dont talk about bite, it doesnt mean nothing and the kangal already has a bite stronger than lion bite, kangals are 2 times taller than a hyena, and… a hyena alone is a very bad fighter 😂😂😂😂😂 they dont have any skill to fight alone, domestic doesnt have any link with the fight, if 1000 yrs after tigers are domestic animals does that mean a "domestic tiger" cant beat a wild wolf, well. end of the story

  11. Hyenas fight against lions and other apex predators but I like the content though. Bite forces would give the hyena the upper hand

  12. Okay so firstly, if there is a dog breed that has been bred SPECIFICALLY to take down lions. Than there is no doubt that there’s a breed out there strong enough to take a hyena. And also I seen where someone mentioned “dogs can’t even killed wolves” there is a news story you should follow up on. “German Shepherd Kills full grown wolf” protecting farm property. Breed or species of animals doesn’t mean shit. It’s the fight in the animal.

  13. The Kangal is looking for a fight. And my Good Man, you hype it up well… But, the Hyena is looking for a Meal! Not even close!!

  14. Sivas turkey thoroughbred breeding farm

    90 cm 85. 90 kg


    90cm 85.90 kg


    original kangal 90 cm
    original kangal 85 cm
    original kangal 85 cm = KANGAL TÜRK

    original kangal 85 cm = AKİF METİN

    original kangal 85 cm
    original kangal 85 cm
    If it is fed with dry bread in the mountain, it will be 66 kg.

  15. This video favor the hyenas. Hyenas don't go for the kill, they will just keep biting their prey till they fall. They eat most of the animals alive. They don't use that bite froce till they eat. One on one, that dog would kill the hyena. That dog would be in that hyena face, while the hyena tries to get behind the dog. Hyenas don't fight head to head. They will try to get behind the dog, because they don't have a finishing move. They use numbers to wear down their prey. One on one hyenas are useless and will lose most of their match ups. In the real world anyway. And not some guy talking one sided. How in the world does maker it area make it any stronger. Dude is looking tired, I think he needs a nap and quit posting fake shit.

  16. I hate hyenas but you have to give credit where credit is due.No dog stands a chance against an apex predator, they aren't called "predators" for nothing!

  17. Stamina of hyenas far superiors….Jaws of hyena far superiors….Speed of hyena far superiors….férocity and abilities of hyena far superiors. Animal designed by Mother nature since 10 millions of years, or hundred, far superiors to human pets or domestic cattle

  18. What a bullshit a good kangal will fuck a hyena . Believe me i have seen kangals they are more scary than a monster. A kangal is not a normal dog.

  19. The dog would kill that hyena the hyena don't have the gammness of the dog .the dog would kill the hyena while he trying to run away.the dog wins 9 out of 10 fights.and who ever thinks the scared hyena would win please don't say because he has a strong bite that like having a guy who can't aim with a 50 Cal gun going against a marksmen with a berreta the guy with the berrata will kill the guys with the 50 cal.if you don't think so please tell me why you don't think so and I will argue with you all night

  20. Hyenas hunt in packs.they dont fight one on one.the fight wouldnt happen and why would you want to see that fight anyway.

  21. That hyena would eat that dog while it’s alive, no dog on this planet that is being human feed alpo have a chance against a wild hyena

  22. Let me copy paste an answer from Quora:
    ''Is there any dog breed that can kill a hyena in a fight?

    Curt Bengal, MSc from University of California, Berkeley (2015)
    Persian Mastiff, Caucasian Shepherd, Central Asian Shepherd, Armenian Gampr, East Siberian Wolfdog, Sage Kuchi and Tibetan Mastiff are all dogs that are used, across China, in illegal cage/pit fights versus various wild animals that are caught and illegally imported, for the sole purpose of people betting on the fights.

    Some of the imported animals these dogs are forced to fight are African Spotted Hyenas, Striped Hyenas, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Wild Boars, Black Bears, Sloth Bears and so on… As I have personally seen only two videos of such fights, one with a Caucasian Shepherd fighting a Mountain Lion and one with a Persian Mastiff fighting a Spotted Hyena, I can’t really say much about this subject, as I don’t know any more, so I can’t say which breeds are the best or which breeds are the most preferred but what I can say is that in the videos I watched, both dogs won their fights – and I want to add, something I remember I noticed and thought was interesting, was that the Mountain Lion put up more of a fight versus the Caucasian Shepherd, than the Spotted Hyena did versus the Persian Mastiff.

    Now, kind of off-subject, as I already see two answers here saying ‘’Kangal,’’ I would like to address the fact that I have never heard of or seen, a Kangal dog being used in any of these Chinese betting cage/pit fights. In addition to that, I would also like to add that, as far as I know and am aware of, even within the ‘’dog versus dog’’ pit fighting world, outside of Turkey, Kangals don’t really have that good of a reputation, as far as them being good fighting dogs, in fact, it’s the opposite. As far as I am aware of, in regular ‘’dog versus dog’’ fights, as far as Russian, European and Asian pit fights go, Kangals are one of the least preferred breeds, simply because they, very often, don’t win more than one or two fights versus breeds that Europeans and Russians have to offer. The most preferred breeds being Central Asian Shepherd, Tosa Inu and the American Pit Bull Terrier. So, in short, based on what I have seen, how Kangals perform in regular ‘’dog versus dog’’ pit fights in Europe, Asia and Russia, I don’t think they would perform any better versus Spotted Hyenas in illegal Chinese pit/cage fights.''

  23. 1:20 notice how that female kangal also has a penis….it is a transexual probably that has not gone through the full transformation yet…it is not 100% sure what it is

  24. This vid is dedicated to all of the Kangal fan boys who think they have a chance against the strongest canine on the planet!

  25. Domestic dog is just a dog and will fight like a domestic dog no matter how big / heavy humans try to build it.. and dog not have good enough fighting skill to have one on one fight against wild predator. Even theres so much on news a boob cats jump into someone back yard hurt n kills the dogs include pit bull

  26. Not a fair match. The hyena wins. But it is incorrect that a kangal can’t (double negative) kill a hyena IF it were to get ahold of it’s neck right. Lions have about an average 600 lbs per sq inch bite force. The kangal has about 700. The lion is overwhelmingly more ominous in every other way plus larger jaws, and 600 is more than plenty. But the kangal has a strong bite.

    Having said that, the hyena is a better fighter, strong, and its bite force is a monster 1100 lbs per sq in. No messing around with them.

  27. Kangal would probably die, but would put up an amazing fight, spotted hyenas can kill wolves, and kangals are literally bred for that stuff, so they would both sort of be in the same league of strength, overall, I would say hyena wins 60/40 percent of the time but the kangal would put up a great fight.

  28. A hyena, one of so called 'top apex predators' that competes it's food source with lions and leopards in some of the most brutal habitats… VERSUS a very strong breed of dogs that are very territorial that are fed kibbles and occasional raw meat that been hand fed by humans…get a grip man.
    Hyena VS Wolf next!

  29. Dogs will course hyena,,or lions ,,or wolves ,, or bears,, unless they can gang up on the wild animal,,the dog will not lock up with the wild animal unless it is ready to die ,, the black bear is basically equal with a hyena in a fight,,

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