(tw: flash, su***de) Моя Кошка (My Cat) || MEME

(tw: flash, su***de) Моя Кошка (My Cat) || MEME

HAHHA IM BACK yes pls take care of urself ily guys 🙁 Ok sorry in advance if the russian is incorrect I’m not russian :((( OMFG THIS TOOK SO LONG U HAVE NO IDEA flashy yaya I dont like this ugh the red just ew find my name ahahahaha sliiiiide wweeee I love this text thing idk why it’s meant to look like wings but ahha twitches took me forever i suck at twitches :(( “wahfhagshfgaifvafgaaaaaaaa” ok this loops 4 times bc im lazy:(((((((=I swear if i see a first comment I am going to throw you into a fire and steal ur man like nobody gives a flying fjck ok i didnt mean that but pls stop it isnt funny and no one likes you ight bye ig

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  1. I had a name for u then I had a brain fart oof I’ll come back with I promise love your new 3D thingy btw your so good at drawing!!

  2. Names for your new Oc:

    That was all UwU
    Btw I'm happy you're back UwU 💕

  3. When hate comments goes around when people get more hurt because of the comments
    That means coppa comes around
    Guys u better be careful of what u say but if u say rude things that when the government comes around and coppa
    Be careful of what u say.

    Note: PLEASE DONT GET MAD AT ME!!!!! IM SO SORRY ID I MADE U MAD DONT CALL ME NAMES!!!!! PWEASE…. and thank u have a nice day 🤗😌

  4. It’s funny how when you make a actual vent, no one cares, when you make a sad meme, people care, it’s funny how the world works….

    May I ask, can you we be friends on discord? 😅

  5. Neb this is beautiful.
    But I recommend you to use your talent for something more…bright?
    I know It's your style and I also used to do stuff as such but..I'm just sad to see how you think all this about yourself. I hope you understand 😕💕

  6. I feel like a proud mother even though I don’t know you, you have progressed so far and for that I am proud 👌💕👌💕👌💕👌

  7. Me: oh the flashing can't be too ba-

    The flashing: I'm going to do what is called a pro gamer move.

  8. :0
    I love this animation 😀
    I’m happy you’re making your own content.
    Like hand drawn animations.

  9. Just a suggestion or 2 UwU
    1. I think you should name the character Kya
    2. You should do a music video animation thingies (you know what I mean -w-)

  10. That glove she has on-
    Where did she get it and how much did it cost because that glove is the best glove in all of the glove lands
    Ah god i said glove so much i forgot what it meant

  11. uh- wouldnt this need a flash warning?

    edit: i wasn't looking at the start when i wrote this ok don't judge

  12. I have a question…
    "Are you still called a gachatuber since you quit? Or an animator, I miss you doing Gacha view :("

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