Two-sided Miraculous Birthday Cake Ladybug and Cat Noir

Two-sided Miraculous Birthday Cake Ladybug and Cat Noir

Hello. Welcome to American Baker in Germany. I’m Michelle and I’m super excited about
today’s cake. We are making a Miraculous Cake with one side
being Cat Noir and the other side being Ladybug. Let’s get started. I start out making Cat Noir’s ears because
I want them to stand up. I roll out some black fondant
and cut out two triangles out of it. Then I take the triangles and place them over
a rolling pin to dry a bit so they’ll hold their shape. Then I stacked the cake. This is chocolate chip cake and vegan American
buttercream. I frost the cake
and clean up the cake board. Then I roll out some red fondant, cut one
side to be straight, and cover half the cake with it. I smooth it on with my hands and cut off the
excess with a sharp knife. I also clean up the straight line. Then I roll out some black fondant, cut a
straight line and cover the other half of the cake with it. I trim it with a knife and clean up where
the two colors meet. Then, using a wooden skewer, I trace the shape
of the eyes. I want the sides to act like the masks the
characters wear. Then I cut out the shapes and removed the
center part. And I do the same thing on the red side. In case you’re not familiar with Miraculous,
it’s a French cartoon set in Paris where there are two teenage superheroes: Ladybug
and Cat Noir. Ladybug is a fairly awkward teenager named
Marinette in real life and wants to be a fashion designer. Cat Noir is a rich, but very neglected model
named Adrian. They wear the masks to keep their identities
secret. I roll out some black fondant and
cut out a whole bunch of circles out of it. And place them all around the red part of
the cake. After all, a ladybug needs spots. If you like what you see, hit that like button. And while you’re down there, hit subscribe
for a new cake video every week. Then I placed the ears on the black side,
trying to get them centered. But black fondant shows every fingerprint,
so I used a damp paintbrush to remove my fingerprints. Next, I rolled a whole bunch of tiny little
balls of black fondant. And placed them all around the bottom of the
cake on the black side. And I did the same thing with red balls on
the red side. And, of course, we can’t forget the eyes. I rolled out some white fondant and measured
the eyes to get the right size and cut out shapes just a tiny bit bigger than I think
I’ll need. Then I cut out irises using the back of a
piping tip. I filled in the holes with blue fondant the
same size. Then I cut out the pupils using a large round
piping tip. And I filled them in with some black fondant. I placed them in the holes of the mask. But, as I thought, they didn’t quite fit
into the holes. I had to trim down some white to fit them
in. Then I cleaned up the fondant around the eyes
with a damp paintbrush. Now, Cat Noir has yellow-green eyes. Even the whites of his eyes. So I cut out the same eye shapes out of yellow-green
fondant and cut out a small circle with a piping tip and gave them points at the top
and bottom to make cat eyes. Then I filled in the spaces with black fondant. These I trimmed down before trying to place
them into the eye holes. As a final detail, I painted a dark blue ring
around the blue irises of Ladybug. I initially made it too dark and had to use
some alcohol to remove some of the color. And a green ring around the green irises of
Cat Noir. I love this cake. It’s just so very true to the show Miraculous. Cat Noir has lovely cat eyes and his signature
pointed ears. Ladybug has those gorgeous blue eyes and the
spots just like a ladybug. Any Miraculous fan would love this cake. This cake was a request from a friend of mine
because her daughter, London, loves Miraculous. So, thank you for the request. Sorry it was so long in coming. But this is for you, London! For more cakes and tutorials, visit our website
at We’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

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