[Music] [Laughter] [Music] hello guys silver Game of Thrones how we doing today with all this market all this you know doll today how how much 1,200 or fate we have fifty hundred down you know we are living in interesting times huh so stuck keep going and keep studying I don’t care what what this shit is going on around me I know this piece did always be in requests you know this people will always ask for this piece gold today we talk about gold and also I pick up another piece for my Rwanda collection which is cheetah 2013 whatever we’ll talk about this so let’s go into this so first one is ten ruble terrible so last days as yeah as I said I start to change my priority and I start to look more you into gold but what I want to do I want to be kind of on the safe side so I don’t want look into gold but I won’t look into you know if it’s possible of course you know no one knows that it’s possible yes or no I won’t look into gold like this why I’m looking it to go to exists why I don’t buy nice pizza it’s ten ruble ten ruble Nikolov second nickel as a second so if you look let’s say I buy just you know some gold you know just now maybe Britain you know maybe just Americans Americans feel very American gold you know American Eagle go and you basically when you buy this you are look to this to spot price and you see what’s going on today how much today is a spot price I didn’t check it 16 s 36 you see it fell almost from 1700 when I buy this piece it were last week today’s on 70 dollar box you see you always say you know connected to spot price I don’t want to be connected to sport right I want it is this to be gold I want also some numismatic value you see these pieces there are not many left so let’s see what here it is let’s look later dig in a little bit so it’s in 1898 okay and when I look on the back side I don’t know if you’re able to see the backside it tell me it’s a gob yes is a lotto 1824 doli a G you see this is a G okay so what do you know here an Ag in Russian okay yes AG in Russian so what is it what I’m looking into no Mista no mister side and it’s telling me AG is Apple on grass cough okay so it was done by Apple of grass con NIH in 1980 it was only two hundred thousand minted two hundred thousand minted as this piece is 120 years plus old and only two hundred thousand minted you know what I am thinking you know I am thinking that this piece you’d have value it doesn’t matter what you be there’s a gold price you know it has quarter ounce of gold okay quarter ounce of gold today cause 1400 1450 and I pick up this piece for four hundred twenty eight dollars so it’s like $430 pay delivered you see where I’m going so it has double security for me first of all it’s pure gold what the arms of God no it’s hope you go so it’s 90% 22 karat gold I mean it’s a gold inside 22 karat gold 90 percentage which is telling me that the quarter ounce of gold is inside okay 10 ruble 98 first of all it has a quote of gold okay anyway anyway I’m buying gold secondly it has no its magic value numismatic value cannot go down with this pieces because you know both shriek and communist comedies they melted the majority of this you know they just melt it when they start this revolution you know they melt at 90 percentage of you know of these gold coins you know and whatever left how many is left 1000 you know if you see very good condition it is of course it’s not an excellent condition right it’s still good you know I see it’s right average but it’s not an excellent condition but that’s one condition go go four thousand and thousand dollars so I will send you like if I buy gold I buy some numismatic gold so it I will have you know kind of double layer protection this is my region okay so the quarter quarter ounce of gold into my collection two hundred thousand minted it’s nineteen eighty and nineteen am eighteen ninety eight year done by Apple org Rosco very nice very nice it’s say cheese tacos lotta three thirty car sixty nine $36 which is a 0/24 eighty eighty nine so it’s almost a quarter ounce of gold almost you know like milligrams less than milligrams very nice piece and I like all this history about it’s a man of empire you know one of the strongest empire in this war and its really really now nice coin and also to handle and also to give to your relatives okay so this is what I have so let’s do some digging is it real gold or not okay so first of all I want to see how many grams it has gram looks like I could go down here gram zero okay 8.6 gram okay so I’m looking into this side how much is supposed to be yep 8.6 gram okay first test passed then I have my signa metallic I’m running my second test power gold 98 790 percentage I don’t know if you’ll be able to see guys okay so I put it here I have the wand how I can test 90 percentage going okay around yep it’s a pure gold if you’re gold other side I know is people gold because I bought it from a guy who has a lot of feedbacks on eBay so it’s not it not a crap so it’s gold so far so good okay so goat is my priorities as I said I want to increase my gold stack I want to have my silver to gold ratio 1 to 100 so for once all the nuts of silver I want to have 10 ounce of gold this is my priority I don’t know where we go with this economy I don’t know you know silver is the half industrial have more money you know kind of a pressure metal I don’t know where we go it may go without may go up so there is trust and feel it’s silver but with current situation maybe 80 percentage but 100 percentage it go this way you know you must to have gold in your obsession because gold is where all this bank is put put the money so we need to follow them do you know don’t listen what they say do I just do what they do you know they buy gold and silver so like show me we shall be good but don’t be overloaded on silver so be two pieces silver and gold so here I am just sharing keys you okay next one Cheeta 2013 okay this is wonder collection so now we are going back to my now just just you guys understand all this box is round 100 coins okay it’s all the premium but let’s say it’s not pretty this is the best collection which I have it’s all kind of different collections by I just collect best of the best if I see collection doesn’t have you know some value I just sell it on eBay okay I just try to keep the best of the best for me for my family so I have this Rwanda so this one that I keep it from 2015 insane but I already pick up 14 I was hunting second as well so I’m very happy that I have this all around the collections and they yeah 2020 2018 so I have all of them they are so beautiful you see giraffes seated the mouse 2020 yeah 2019 usually they do three coils every year it’s a big and so on they have they have all different different collection I have almost all of them I’m telling you if you never see this you don’t know why why are getting so much so expensive but food trust me they’re one of the best collection which you can buy premium collection or wonder collection whatever as I say I now the mintage is like around 50 K but whatever I see the 2000 set in this coin I was hunting me probably three months because I don’t want about pay right no one want to ever pay but you cannot find it less than 50 60 bucks today so succeed to I give a bit like 38 bucks and it was just my luck because no one was there and I pick up it for cities 38 or City six something like deliver and I’m very happy you know so I’m going to open it I don’t have space to keep it in capsule and by the way this kind of protection you you only see guys in Rwanda okay there is no other codes were there protected so I’m going to get back so I have I don’t even to see I don’t need even to see if it’s real silver but anyway I’m going to check it just on the safe side okay so it is supposed to be silver silver 3:9 right yes we will salon run yeah it’s a pure Silla of course you know who to come to fake on this you know this kind of coins they are so beautiful so rare so like this is a beauty look on this cheetah Africa yes so this is a African African cheetah and this is a wildlife series from Africa and it’s incredibly popular incredibly this entry site design and you know all this history from Rwanda I just I just like it there’s no any other code like this and telling you it’s one of the best in my collection vice mayor on go right smear on go I don’t like the backside so much but from my front side it’s beautiful okay so it’s verified its silver is going to one of my captains I’m not sure if it’s right capsule yeah I need to pick up another one I have it so that’s it this what I want to share and guys keep stacking don’t be upset a scary situation in our senior gold prices go down okay it’s a it’s a it’s a paper silver right and if you look in the eBay I’m looking into eBay and all this Buffalo which you can buy for eighteen hundred for one hundred and eighteen hundred’s they call now cost now or 1904 a 100 pieces you know which you know this is a gap between physical silver and between paper silver and paper silicon Goga go down but the gap you know will all increase and increased and this with what we will see probably going forward data to be have to get a physical silver but it will be you know price manipulation for for a paper Cillian what I call it the spot price so keeps talking since will be with me gold and silver are two sinks to stack so keep going and please subscribe please hit these notifications thank you very much for watching bye bye [Laughter] [Music]


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMFwEidqD9E&t=133s that video made me a fan of you. Truth with humor. Can you please say the word bullshit at least once per video? I like your view on things.

  2. Gold is good. I don’t have any rubles and would like to acquire one if it ever appears at my LCS. Nice history lesson as well.

  3. I agree that having numismatic gold can be another way of diversifying your stack. The right collector coins maintain their value regardless of spot price dropping. The cheetah is very nice. I do like the Rwandan coins.

  4. Не каждый может похвастаться золотой монетой 👍👍👍 Коллекция серебра на высоте 😉 Класс молодчага

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