Wonder Woman 1984 stream on HBO Max? Snyder Cut

Wonder Woman 1984 stream on HBO Max? Snyder Cut

Something very interesting is happening at Warner Bros right now…

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  1. That would be HUGE for HBOmax. Seeing how their current list of shows is going, I'd say they definitely need it.

  2. All I want is the confirmation by Zack or WB that the Snydercut is coming. I can wait for many years but i just want the confirmation!

  3. I agree it's worth it for Zack Snyder to WAIT until he can complete his cut properly prior to release. Otherwise, they face running into the same bad press Marvel got with their unfinished Hulk footage at the end of their Endgame Cash Grab.

  4. Yeah, thanks China, for screwing up the whole world!🤔🤬
    There's a reason why nobody else eats stuff like Pangolin & bat-wing soup 🦇🤮😷

  5. You have some really good arguments here! I love how insightful you are. I'm really looking forward to HBO MAX and I really hope Zack gets what he needs for a true Snyder Cut!

  6. If they release WW84 on streaming, it will be heavily pirated internationally. It's not even up for debate, a movie that made 400M+ domestically and 800+M overall in 2017 will be a big theatrical release. Plus, they have CHEETAH in the movie!

  7. What if ww84 is a surprisingly good movie even when compared to the first one? I think it’s possible that ww84 would be—just as the first WW movie did—make people so surprisingly satisfied that the spread of mouth helps ratchet up the box office n popularity.
    We never thought ww the first movie would hv had 800 millions box office, so now comes another seemingly “small” instalment that might yet again break the fixed barrier of expectations.

  8. I understand, maby its a really good idea, but i dont wonna:( I wanna win dc in movie theatre. But maby WB win in all this streaming situation? I dont know, i am confuse, to many questions…

  9. Haven't we learnt anything from VHS and CDs? Why promote an insdustry that generates something that will end up in open landfills when you can get it digitally?

  10. I completely disagree Grace. WB had a horrible 2019 at the box office, and WW84 is a guaranteed box office hit for WB. So there is no way they’ll release it on streaming. I can see WB releasing other smaller scale movies on streaming though. But films like WW84, Tenet, Dune and Godzilla Vs Kong will most definitely be released theatrically.

  11. I would be so pissed because not only it won't be available world wide BUT it will be at a 20/25 dollars to buy if not released on netflix overseas (and it won't)
    They should stream it in the US because of the pandemic but release it in theater WW

  12. If WB do this they might as well start using $100 bills as an alternative for toilet paper because that's would effectively happen to this movie's revenue. I would also argue that WW has more of a chance to make a billion than Black Widow because no matter how good that movie is it is still a prequel for a character who has been killed off. Unless they have a flash forward where BW is resurrected and that reveal is leaked before release I don't see it doing Black Panther or Captain Marvel numbers

  13. no some movies should be experienced on the big screen and wonder women was too big of a movie to be released on streaming.

  14. Isn't going to be getting HBO Max so only way I get to watch this is thru a ln illegal site. Wants theatre viewing and can wait just like I will wait for Black Widow.

  15. Black suit Superman and green lantern in live action together we can’t be happy and yes zack did cast Hal jordon

  16. Grace, does this additional scenes for the Snyder Cut will open the door for a sequel to complete his arc? Or is he planning to add stuff to make this a self-contained movie without a cliffhanger? Any insights on this?

  17. Netflix has 12 guaranteed tickets from me p/yr – Disney at best, in theatres gets 2 from me – and honestly I don't see WW doing nearly as good this time as the 1st nostalgic debut –

  18. People need to understand that the virus is not going away anytime soon. Let’s say in 2-3 mo everyone is back to normal, how many people are going to run to the theater. First people would still be cautious about overcrowded places. Second, so many people are going to be under a lot of stress when going back to work because we are all going to be overworked. I really think that next summer people will recover from all this mess and life will go back to normal. Not for those who are affected by this whole situation the most.
    Hence I feel many movies will go to streaming. No theaters, shows and gatherings anytime soon.

  19. Snyder cut would not rival end game … if the last fight is not even close to endgame's, then it a failure after all these years …

  20. Fans will blame Warner Bros for taking “another thing” away from them?? Orrrr, maybe they’ll just blame the corona virus…. cuz it’s taken a lot more away than just Wonder Woman.

  21. I agree with what you say about the Snyder Cut, I waited that much, I could wait more. One question, why isn't WB pospone the laung of HBOmax?

  22. If the decision is to release it on HBO Max, please release a physical version on Bluray/4K UHD as well for purchase. That format works better for home theaters and could have more additional content than streaming.

  23. Snyder took a giant dump and people want to see the Directors cut were he adds even more shit to the pile?

  24. Funny how the film and "news" and entertainment industry refuse to blame their China market overlords for delaying all this…reviewers included.

  25. You have never heard of something called "Piracy"? The moment this movie goes on streaming, it's dead. People outside the US will watch HD versions on 123movie and WB will lose millions, HBO Max will still flop anyway because those who can't afford another streaming service aren't going to do so for one movie, THEY WILL PIRATE IT. this would be the stupidest decision anyone could make

  26. @beyondthetrailer you are leaving out their direct to consumer and international numbers which puts Disney over 20 billion in 2019 without disney+ for a full year. While ESPN, nat geo, etc are included in direct to consumer those same types of shows are shown on netflix sports documentaries, nature docs, etc so it's only equal to include so if Disney had a full year of disney plus my guess in 2019 they would have made 25 to 30 billion proving the film industry still wants theatrical release and streaming is no more than the new VHS and DVD. There is a reason why Netflix is always in negotiations with cinemark, regal, and amc to get their films released because if bird box, marriage story, murder mystery, the Irishman, etc had been released in theaters netflix would've made more than 20 billion but without theatrical release and more streaming services coming online there revenue will wain unless price increases occur which may 3and up driving people back to cable. Would love to hear your thoughts?

  27. Hollywood: In 2020 you will see even more cool strong female characters.

    Crown: None. In 2020, you will return to reality.

  28. "HBO max, not so much!" Oh my God Grace, thanks for your exquisite presentations! In my opinion, what they will do with WW1984 totally depends on how this stupid virus nightmare will, and when, end. We'll wait and see.

  29. I find it funny that folks actually believe WB putting ww84 on vod is even a option lol; and no I don’t believe the snydercut is even remotely coming out on hbomax when it debuts.

  30. It needs to go to the theaters. All new movies need to be on the big screen first, and more importantly, the theater companies and their employees will need as many blockbusters as they can get since they've been shut down by the coronavirus hysteria.

  31. No!!! I'll wait for it to be in theater!! For a the sequel to go directly to another unproven streaming service is too risky, to risky I say!!! People really just wait for it!

  32. This WILL make a billion. This looks beautiful, colorful and 80s theme in the summer!! What else do I want! I love Gal gadot and Chris pine!! I’d see it several times in the theater. Plus Patty Jenkins said that they filmed this movie with real wires, real locations and it’s going to be big!! I can’t imagine seeing this streamed. Wonder Woman is really holding the DC team along with Aquaman. I have hope for our new Batman! And i loved Joker but that’s in another universe.

  33. I wouldn’t mind a complete overhaul of the DC universe and have it just start all over if it meant there was gonna be good continuity

  34. That's why you don't delay movies just like that WB in the first place! Nobody could see a situation like this could ever happen. Now give us the Snyder Cut!

  35. Disney made $13 billion at the Box Office, BUT they also made $9 billion through home media sales and HULU which means they outgrossed Netflix by $2 billion in 2019

  36. These action films were made for the cinema so they need to be watched on the biggest screen possible! For example movies like Godzilla 2 or Aquaman felt totally different in the theater

  37. Black widow is no where near as popular as Wonder Woman or as powerful smh please do not compare them. I love scarlett but black widow does not compare 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  38. Cinema tickets at £5 in Norwich UK, there’s no way anyone would go to the cinema if the tickets were practically double that here haha

  39. Too bad they don’t start a pledge fund for theater chains, VOD / digital ownership and a bundle package to get WW1984 released .

  40. Black Widow is a placeholder for the MCU and not meant to be Disney's biggest movie of this year. WW84 is WB's biggest movie of the year.

  41. Forget theaters movie should come on all streaming platforms one week it could be on Amazon prime the other week it could be on Netflix so on and so on

  42. I hope they don’t because they will end up losing a lot of business it may not hit a billion but it should make between 6-800.

  43. Yeah..just keep it in the closet until after the Apocalypse . Make some interest! Cinemas will be open soon …for patients!

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