Hello everyone! We have a special guest from Gaziantep. The car was brought to Ankara with the towtruck yesterday evening. in the morning we got the delivery. We’re gonna wrap the vehicle completely, and we’re going to go to the store soon. We got the car. A Jaguar I-Pace that has made yet 1000 km We’re going to the shop right now. Since the car is kept in the cold at night, we need to warm up the electric motors. Okay, let’s go.. We took the vehicle and brought it to our studio We’re going to start it’s applications with detailed cleaning and paint correction Then, we’re going to wrap the car completely with STEK DYNOShield PPF. Then it’s rims, leather, glasses etc. will be protected as well. Now let’s check the details of the car. Now we’re in the washing section of our store We are going to wash the car properly and start to the application. Before the wrapping with the PPF, the car has to be cleaned very well. All of the parts and details must be cleaned deeply. That’s because at the beggining, with the usage of detailing brushes we will wash the car. Then we’re going to clean the iron dusts, this must be done before PPF as well. The conteminations on the paint will be removed by doing this. Of course we will clean the paint again with Clay Bar But without the iron dust removal, we cannot get the best results, thats why it is a must to remove the iron dusts. Now we’re going to start. We’re making a pre-wash with Nanolex Pre-Wash Concentrate As you can see it is like a shaving foam. It provides cleaning of dirt, insects and traffic film on the vehicle. After waiting for the foam to flow well, we will rinse and spray the foam again. we will do a second rinse. We’re done with prewash. Now we’re going to wash the car with 2 bucket method. For this process, we’re going to use Koch-Chemie NanoMagicShampoo. Now we’re preparing the water. Generally it is ideal to use 2-3 bottle caps for a 10L bucket Once you have done with the shampoo in the bucket, you can bubble the water with your pressure washer. This makes the application very easy. We’re done with the 2 bucket method. Now we’re going deeper. We’re going to use Wheel Woolies detailing brushes and Nanolex Prewash to clean the details. In this way we clean the dirt and dust that are not removed during washing. We’re done with washing. Now we’re going to remove the iron dusts. For this, we’re using Koch-Chemie Reactive Wheel Cleaner It is the 500ml version of the Felgenblitz so they are same products with different packages. It can be used for both wheels and painted surfaces. It’s been 1 minutes since we’ve applied the iron dust remover now there are some red marks, and we’re now able to brush the wheels. We first brush the outer surface of the wheels with a detail brush. Then we go to the inner surface of the rims. If you brush the inner surface first, the heavy dirt will cause more scratches on the outside. After the outer surfaces we’re using the Wheel Woolies Kit for the inner surface. As you can see, the inner surface has more iron dusts The car has made 1000km yet but there are lots of iron dusts. Wheel Woolies rim brush kit has brushes of various sizes. Small brushes for small areas, large brushes for large surfaces. After the wheels, we’re going to clean the paint from the iron dusts. Although not visible, too much iron dust contamination can occur on the paint surface. Iron dust accumulates on the paint. Even though the vehicles are brand new, in the stock areas, them. in the waiting places, they are constantly pouring iron powder on Whether or not the protection film is wrapped, it must be cleaned before every application. We’re going to use Koch Chemie Wheel Cleaner/Felgenblitz again. Spray it, and wait for 5 minutes. In addition to painted surfaces, it can be applied on plastic and glass. Iron dust can also be seen in those parts. It’s been 5 minutes since we’ve applied the iron dust remover and you can see the red marks which means iron dusts began to dissolve. The marks are pink/purple-ish. We’re completely done with detailed washing and cleaning. Now we’re at upstairs that is our application section. We will remove any surface defects and make preparations before coating. Iron dusts are removed while washing, but again, we’re going to clean deeply for the residues. For this, we are going to use Gyeon Clay Bar. We’re going to clean the paint very well from iron dust resin, tar, or anything else in case we missed any of them. These residues can be felt in basic control with hand even if not seen Clay application is indispensable to perfect the paint prior to wrapping. It’s must be done. When applying clay, you may prefer to use clay slider products (lubricants) to prevent clay from sticking to paint. You can use a few drops of car wash shampoo in a water-filled spray bottle. Which will be more economical. In this way, the clay does not adhere to the paint, it only cleans the dirt on the surface. You can do it only with water, but some clay bars may stick to the paint. It may not work for every clay bar. For example, Gyeon Clay bar is one of them. We do not recommend use only with water. It is better to use a lubricant / clay lube with a clay bar. Quick Detailer is also suitable. If you work as linear and short as possible, you will get more efficient results. Instead of long movements, short, controlled and more frequent movements, you will get a better result. If possible, avoid circular movements. This causes you to skip a lot of places. It is a possibility. So if you clean the surface with short and straight movements when possible, you will get the most guaranteed results. It is not necessary to use gloves when cleaning with clay. Not a harmful product to the skin. You won’t get a trouble without gloves. After performing the procedure, you can check the surface with a glove. With the glove, it is more comfortable to understand that the surface is cleaned. Therefore, working with gloves is much more efficient. When you check the residues, you may not feel a lot without a glove. It creates a gap between the surface and your hand, allowing it to slip much better. So that you can feel the residues left. Hi Salih, Which window film is applied? It is Llumar Air 75 A film with 75% light transmittance and a very high heat cutting performance. One of the top-level films we use for windshields. It is now shaped with the heat from the outside according to the outer shape and bomb of the glass. It will then be fixed on the inside of the glass. In addition to the windshield, we will use the Llumar ATR15 for front side windows. In this way, the color tone of the front and rear windows will be equalized. The rear windows of the vehicle are original blackened and tinted windows. We apply film on the front side window to make sure they’re the same. We’re done with window films. Now we’re going to start wrapping, as you can see we prepared the PPF in order to make less cut on the vehicle. We removed the parts of the car that we could disassemble. Door trims, mirrors, and taillights are removed. These chrome trims are also removed. Also the battery charge cover is dismantled. The painted parts are protected. Now the bumper is finished. This lid on the bumper is being wrapped at the moment. This is where the stones can hit most. These piano black parts are also wrapped. They’re protected now. We’re covering this lid as one piece without cutting. The PPF film is not going to be visible. If possible, we let PPF to dry itself and then, fold them inside here when we are finishing. That is because you cannot see the PPF film from outside. It’s looking like an original paint. Same procedure has done with fenders. We cut the film from here and bend it. It is not looking from outside. Same procedure is applied here, on the front bumper. On the doors, we cut the film from here. The chrome trims will fit here so they stabilize the PPF better, and finally, no one will understand that this car is covered with PPF. Finally we’re done with all applications of our guest from Gaziantep. All of the wrapping and protecting processes are done. Now we are going to send the car with towtruck to Gaziantep. Now I’m going to tell you what we’ve done with the car After receiving the car, we first applied cleaning products and applications on the paint surface. In the meantime, we cleaned the residues such as iron dust, tar, and resin. The paint of the vehicle was not too bad. We didn’t have to polish except for a few minor scratches. Piano black trims are polished because they had scratches. We’ve removed some of the parts, on the side, this plastic part with Jaguar badge, mirrors, tail lights are removed. By removing these parts we could achive more spaces and bend the PPF tighter. We’ve used STEK DYNOShield Paint Protection Film. It is the best PPF in the world. In addition to the piano black trims, we also covered this diffuser in the rear bumper. These parts are often neglected. Due to the speed of the wind, it is vulnerable to stones from underneath. Since they are sensitive, we’ve covered this part completely. Except all painted surface, these piano black trims, plastics are also wrapped with STEK DYNOShield PPF After the PPF applications, these trims that originally came from factory in chrome are wrapped with black vinyl By doing this we wanted to integrate the image of the car. These trims were only one in chrome, other trims were black, so it is complementary. The rims are also piano black. It is looking beautiful, combined with piano black. The chrome line on the grille is also wrapped with black vinyl. Of course, we’ve protected the headlights and tail lights with PPF. On the rims, Gyeon Rim is used. On the glasses, Nanolex Glass Ultra is used. Also the interior is cleaned. Gyeon Leather Shield is used to protect and maintain the leathers. It is really effective on the leather especially with light colors such this car has. It is water repellent The piano black trims in the interior here, are also protected with STEK DYNOShield as well. It is a gift from us to car’s owner. So we’ve protected these trims from scrathing for a long time. We’re going to share more videos with you about detailing. Please subscribe our channel in order not to miss any of them. We would like to know your suggestions and reviews, please tell us in the comments section below. In this way, we get support from you to do better. Also please tell us what you want to see in our channel maybe the product reviews etc. so that we can be prepared for them. Thank you for watching, take care yourself! Now we’re loading our car to towtruck, It is going to Gaziantep, without having any dirt.


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