Young Leopard Steals Kill From Mother | Africa | BBC Earth

Young Leopard Steals Kill From Mother | Africa | BBC Earth

this young leopard is just a year old and at a critical point in his life [Music] his mother has battled to raise her two cubs but finding enough food for them is now beyond her from today he’ll have to fend for himself [Music] Kalahari means land of great thirst prey is scarce of all the leopards in Africa these have to be the most resourceful a big warthog potential prey but armed and dangerous his mother tried to tackle one but it nearly killed her he spots something more promising astein book that’s more like it he won’t strike unless he can get to within just four meters and without making the slightest sound a jackal Parkson Azam but the Steinbach still has no idea it’s being stalked the nearer he gets the quieter he must be he’s blown it [Music] a good opportunity like that won’t come around very often [Music] hungry and thirsty he heads back home and spots a kill stashed in a tree almost certainly by his own mother and like any teenager he thinks nothing of raiding helada booby-trapped [Applause] it’s not really his day is it

100 Comments on “Young Leopard Steals Kill From Mother | Africa | BBC Earth”

  1. I always say that animals are born actors, and this video PROVED ME RIGHT!

    The squirrel killed me. 😂😂😂

    And sweet lord Jesus, that leopard is stunning. I could just look at it all day. ❤️🐆

  2. I have to stop expecting higher quality from the BBC, or at least those responsible for YouTube content. We saw a young leopard trying to steal, but that's it.

  3. You have to both laugh and cry when people talk about the squirrel as if it was reacting in 'real' time to the presence of a leopard. Not only is it nonsense, the cutaway footage may have been shot weeks before or after the leopard footage.

  4. Is mesmerizing to even look at these beautiful cats, hope ppl who protect them and governments do its best to never let them go extinct 🐆

  5. I hate it when the prey looks so cute that I don’t want it to die but at the same time I don’t want the predator to starve

  6. I always hate watching animals die, I know it's nature but it's also so impressive how these animals do what they do.

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